Painting Furniture – Applying Dark Wax


Rushmore from American Paint Company. A true taupe. Not too gray and not too tan. This bench has been finished using APC Clear Wax on the top of the bench and APC Vintage Antiquing Wax (the easiest antiquing dark wax in the world) on the legs.

Rushmore by American Paint Company


Rushmore by American Paint Company

I did the same thing on the legs but instead of applying clear wax I applied a coat of APC Vintage Antiquing Wax directly onto the dry Rushmore paint.

Dark Wax American Paint Company

Here’s the difference between the legs and the top.

Dark Wax

Easiest dark wax EVER!!

I had the best time using APC Vintage Antiquing Wax.

It’s smooth, creamy, non-greasy and  pre-mixed!

All I had to do was pop the top and apply the Dark Wax directly onto the dry UNFINISHED paint. No need for using clear wax before applying dark wax. It went on smooth and was easy to spread, didn’t make a mess and was dry in no time and ready to buff.

I’ve never been a fan of dark waxes but I’ve changed my tune now that American Paint Company has brought us wax that works!

Highly recommend!!



  1. Lynne Steppe says

    Why can’t I find the price list on this site?

    • mm American Paint Company says

      You may contact a retailer near you to see all of our American Paint Company products! We’re sorry we do not publish a list of prices on our website.

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