Painting with Red Paint – An English Desk

I was so excited to use this paint, that I forgot to take before pictures!  

I just wanted to get to the after!


Step 1:

This desk had some water damage to the front, so I scraped and steamed off the remaining veneer.  Followed by some sanding, the piece was ready to be painted.

Fireworks Red

Step 2:

Using American Chalk Paint Company’s Fireworks Red, I applied two coats of paint.


Step 3:

After waiting the short time for the paint to dry, I sanded using a fine grit sanding pad to distress the red paint and then I buffed with the foam side of the pad.


Step 4:

I then applied the clear wax.  To complete the look, I added some dark wax to give it that old world patina. I kept the inside it’s original wood, it had such a beautiful tone to it.


Step 5:

The original pull knobs weren’t very attractive so I replaced them!


Fortunately for me the piece turned out so great, I decided to keep it!



Post courtesy of Blackboards Furniture Co.


  1. Cynthia Rose says

    My husbands favorite color is red, so naturally I have been considering what I can revamp to see him smile. I love the idea of redoing a dresser or something along that line. This is some great inspiration guys.
    Cynthia |

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