Patchwork Painted Dresser

Do you ever have one of  THOSE days?  THOSE weeks?  THOSE months?  I do!  Sometimes I just need to walk away from everything and escape the chaos for a little while.

I took the opportunity to slap together a quick makeover using various leftover sample pots of paint.  No deep thought, no real planning ~ just GO!

The only thing I knew I wanted was a chunky, patchwork quilt type of colorful finish.  Here’s what I ended up with. Patchwork-painteddresser-Shizzle-Design-Grand-Rapids-Michigan-chalk-clay-paints-paintedfurniture-best-colors-ideas-americanpaintcompany-12

To begin, I simply slapped on the paint and kept layering… and layering… and layering!image2

This dresser is a good representation of what’s going through my brain at any given moment.Patchwork-painteddresser-Shizzle-Design-Grand-Rapids-Michigan-chalk-clay-paints-paintedfurniture-best-colors-ideas-americanpaintcompany-11-1

To me, it’s not just about the color, it’s how a piece feels.

I wish you could reach through your monitor and feel how silky smooth the finish is on this piece.  It’s sealed with American Paint Company’s Antiquing Wax which adds a sunset-like warmth to the vast array of colors I used.Patchwork-painteddresser-Shizzle-Design-Grand-Rapids-Michigan-chalk-clay-paints-paintedfurniture-best-colors-ideas-2

I love APC’s Antiquing Wax!

They are by far the easiest dark waxes I’ve ever used.  They can be applied directly over the paint without an initial coat of clear wax!

APC’s Antiquing Wax comes pre-mixed so…

  • You don’t have to mix it up yourself and worry whether you have it mixed well enough to cure properly.  It’s good to go.
  • You don’t have to mess around cutting the dark wax with clear wax just to make it glide on evenly.  It naturally spreads out evenly without creating streaks you can’t blend into the finish.
  • You also won’t have to dilute it with Mineral Spirits like some chemically laden waxes require to make them work properly ~ just brush it on like you would Clear Wax and buff with an old t-shirt and you’ll end up with such a buttery smooth finish that you won’t be able to stop touching it.Light-Antiquing-Wax-shizzledesign-americanpaintcompany
    Ok, maybe that’s just me, I touch a lot of painted furniture that doesn’t FEEL good.  To create this look, take a variety of colors and start slapping it on in random patterns.  Dry brush in every which way then use a little water to spread it around and repeat over and over again until you like what you see.
  • I used a variety of colors from American Paint Company’s chalk/clay/mineral paints including: Fireworks Red, Home Turf, Surfboard, Orange Grove, Wild Horses, Home Plate, Beach Glass, Coral Reef and whatever else was within my reach that day. Patchwork-painteddresser-Shizzle-Design-Grand-Rapids-Michigan-chalk-clay-paints-paintedfurniture-best-colors-ideas-americanpaintcompany-10
    Picture 5What do you think?  Picture 4Post courtesy of Shizzle Design.


  1. I love how all of the colors complement one another. The layers look like they all belong together. Another great Shizzle Design!

  2. This is such a cool piece! I just love the colors, and the knobs on the top drawer are great!

  3. Gloria Burton says

    BEUTIFUL, so happy looking and quaint, seems it would fit in any kind of design/color pallet. I am also a fine artist and do some painting on reclaimed wood, this is getting my imagination going. Love your fresh vivid colors. Do you also mix custom? Field trip to your Emporium in Sumner is in my future 🙂

  4. I love this and have an old dresser just like this and i want to recreate this so badly… also wondering where you found the amazing knobs! This is exactly the look i was imagining!!

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