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Painted Furniture – A Long Search for the Right Buffet

I’ve wanted a vintage buffet for my dining room for two years, but I’m like Goldilocks. Every buffet I found was either too big or too small, too modern or too plain. It took me two years to find one that was just right! “I think this is it, but I’m not sure,” I said {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #1 – 2014

The holiday festivities are behind us and the paintriots are busy as ever.  Look what beautiful items have been transformed this week using American Paint Company’s chalk, clay and mineral based paint! The Old Store painted this curio cabinet with Momma’s Lipstick. Distressed Nest painted this carved desk using Wild Horses over Tumbleweed. Upcycled Vintage Charm painted {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #25

Another busy week with the paintriots creating heirlooms!  Look what they did this time. 1909 Junkeroo and Vintage Too painted this table layered with Dollar Bill over Freedom Road, Smoke Signal, and Navajo White. Stencil is layered with Freedom Road and Navajo White, sanded down and then finished with Clear wax and Pewter Mica. The Mill {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #24

It’s been a busy week across North America with holidays and crazy weather but our paintriots have still been painting up a storm!  Check it out. The Old Store painted this sideboard in Fireworks Red and Dark Wax. Junque in My Trunk in Kansas painted this side table with Amber Waves of Grain with Rushmore and {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #21

Another week has gone by and it is getting colder many places!  Good thing our paintriots can continue to create beautiful treasures indoors with our all natural zero VOC chalk/clay paint and with no hazardous chemicals in our finishes.  Here’s a few things they’ve been working on. This gorgeous buffet was painted/presented by Houston Faux {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #20

It’s been a spooky week of tricks and treats but the paintriots have still been busy creating fabulous finishes with American Paint Company. Check out this gorgeous silver leather sofa!  Frame painted with Lincoln’s Hat and distressed, then waxed with Clear Wax and Silver Mica by The Mill at Gibsonville. This curvy beauty was painted {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #17

Get ready to be inspired by our paintriots this week!  They have been busy creating with the most healthy, yummy paint on the market today, American Paint Company! Let’s get started with this stool and cabinet painted in Smoke Signal by The Old Store. Check out this fabulous hutch painted by The Painters Roost. Restyled {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #15

The paintriots have been busy this week painting with our fabulous all natural, no-VOC, chalk and clay paint and eco-friendly finishes.  Check out this week’s eye candy! Restyled Vintage Designs  painted this buffet in National Forest and Lincoln’s Hat. Hutch top painted in Fireworks Red finished in Top Coat with a dab of Lincoln’s Hat by {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #11

Prepare to be inspired, the paintriots have been busy! Check out this gorgeous buffet finished in Tumbleweed, Home Plate and Dark Wax by Ivy Lane This cute little dresser was painted by Salvaged Decor with Blue Jeans. This buffet really got a transformation!  It was from a barn sale and had a mud wasp nest in {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #6

“Busy hands make happy hands!”   This week the paintriots were busy creating all kinds of beauties. This Fireworks Red buffet was painted by our friends at Whimsical This beautiful buffet was finished in First Lady. Seems like we have a buffet theme going, so let’s rock it out! This one finished in a first {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #5

All the American Paint Company artists have been busy this week. Check out this beautiful two tone hutch, done in our color of the week Fireworks Red and Lincoln’s Hat by Tammy.  This two tone dresser is done with Surfboard and Homeplate: We love this bedroom done by Whimsical in a custom blend of Rushmore {Read More…}

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