Project Submission by Rhonda

Rhonda Parsons purchased her APC products from ‘Buds n Blooms’.

Rhonda’s project was this cute outdoor childrens picnic table!

There are many advantages to painting with American Paint Company’s Clay paint.  For starters, it’s 100% eco-friendly, which means if you choose to paint indoors, you won’t have to worry about harsh fumes in your home.  And if you have little ones that want to create and help you, that’s ok!  This is a product that is safe around children and pets AND the clean up is EASY!  

Secondly, it’s thick and covers well, adhering to many different surfaces such as wood, brick, even glass. The thickness of the paint will save hours of sanding, priming and prep work in general, which let’s face it, is our least favorite part of painting! Just grab a brush and you’re basically ready to go! Also, unlike latex or acrylic based paints, APC’s Clay, Chalk, Mineral Base paint dries fast! No wasted time watching your piece dry! 

The paint color Rhonda used was: Fireworks Red, looks like this was the perfect choice for color!

She used the Top Coat & Hard Coat for her Sealer.

Hard Coat is a concentrated liquid sealer best used for maximum durability and strength. We recommend using Hard Coat on outdoor furniture projects such as patio furniture or your front door. 

This sealer dries fast and can be a little more difficult to apply and work with than the Top Coat sealer. You might want to practice on a smaller project to get used to working with it first. However, if applied correctly it can act as a good sealer and leave a great looking shiny finish to your piece. Hard Coat applies clear with 1-2 coats for maximum durability. 


Now, that looks like a HAPPY kid!



When we asked Rhonda to tell us about her paint experience, she replied



Using APC products will save you time on your project yet maintain the flexibility to personalize your piece to your liking! And with our vast product inventory we’re sure you’ll find everything to bring your decor vision to life.


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