Restoring a Wood Finish with Dark Wax

We were invited to a pre-garage sale which is something Sheree and I can never turn down. As we walked up the driveway, an old library desk immediately caught our eyes. The poor thing was covered in an old tattered faux leather material and had stacks of old Christmas ornaments on top of it. We knew we wanted it, and that it would make a gorgeous  farmhouse table once cleaned up and painted. So that was the plan to get it home and paint it, but as life happens it sat in our storage for quite sometime.

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We believe everything has it’s time and the time to paint our farmhouse table was put on the back burner for now. You see, we were busy looking into finding a paint product we wanted to carry in our shop. We tried out so many and then we found American Paint Company and were immediately sold! We were now on our way to becoming APC retailers.


Now that we had the perfect paint for our library table, it was time to transform it. We ripped off the old dirty faux leather material and found some stains underneath all that mess. We gave it a light sanding.


When that was done, we knew right then that we wanted to bring this gorgeous piece back to it’s natural wood finish, instead of painting it. We knew we loved APC Dark Wax  so we popped open a can, admired the richness and lack of chemical smell and started applying the wax.


We were so amazed at the beauty of the wood that was brought back to life by a simple can of wax.


We are so in love with this piece and are glad we waited for the perfect product for it’s transformation.


Post courtesy of Pamela and Sheree


  1. Hi there ur paint looks amazing and I’d love to give it a try on my furniture!
    Many thanks

  2. I applied your dark wax to a bare, clean oak table a week ago. The color in the wax darkens a cloth slightly when I wipe the table down. It can take a few weeks for wax to cure, but I have never experienced this before. The color just does not seem to be setting into the wax. I was careful not to over-apply the wax and followed some tutorials online. I have waxed furniture for years and have never encountered this problem.

    Does your wax cure to a hard finish? We think it won’t take long for the dark wax to completely wear through, exposing the unstained wood underneath. I could have clear coated the table instead, but I prefer a waxed surface for my furniture. Do you have thoughts as to why this happened?

    Thank you.

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Hello Carla.

      You needed to BUFF out the wax after 4-7 hours. The buffing process heats up the wax and creates the seal. Real Bees Wax like mine needs buffing. It is not a chemical product like a poly that is wiped or brushed on.

      To get an even harder finish a second buffing is recommended after several day.

      Thank you


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