Fixing Painting Problems – A Naughty Table

Have you ever had a piece you were painting that just wouldn’t cooperate? I have been painting for about 2 years, and until now, I have never had an uncooperative piece.  In fact all the horror stories I have heard from friends, clients, and even other painters I have worked with, working with all types {Read More…}

Layering Paint – A Display Cabinet

One of my favorites was re-purposed out of an antique Victrola Cabinet.  I had never seen one like this before but it sure is cool.  All I had to do was remove the doors and build shelving to create a pretty unique display case. Fireworks Red over Wild Horses with Clear & Dark Wax Can {Read More…}

Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets Mandi was a guest post writer to share her experience of using Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets. This is her account of this transformation. This is Mandi  coming at you with a public service announcement about a very serious condition that is prevalent in many homes. This condition {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #15

The paintriots have been busy this week painting with our fabulous all natural, no-VOC, chalk and clay paint and eco-friendly finishes.  Check out this week’s eye candy! Restyled Vintage Designs  painted this buffet in National Forest and Lincoln’s Hat. Hutch top painted in Fireworks Red finished in Top Coat with a dab of Lincoln’s Hat by {Read More…}

Painting Furniture – A Lovely Curvy Desk

If there is anything I love as much as painting a beautiful buffet it’s a curvy, sexy desk/vanity. I found this beauty on a local  swap meet facebook page. I wanted it. The photo shows that it has a bit of veneer damage, no problem! What a great piece to use with my new American {Read More…}

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