Transform Old Furniture with Natural Paint and Glaze

Transform Old Furniture with Natural Paint and Glaze We all have one or more in our house.  You deny it by hiding it with table clothes and nick-naks, its in a corner out of the way or deep in the basement. We all have one. An old piece of furniture that we are embarrassed about. {Read More…}

How about a little Oomph!

Diamonds, Stripes and Swarovski crystals! Gabrielle of, Oomph!,  she shares her beautiful hand painted unique coffee table with the American Paint Company community! The table belonged to the customer.  It is solid wood and well crafted. They had it for years but were bored with the originally blonde piece and didn’t find it to be a fit for {Read More…}

Monday’s Retailer Inspiration!

Whether you love bold bright color or subdued neutrals, it seems as though everyone has a favorite and sometimes a handful of favorite colors.  Color influences us on so many levels and sometimes is down right scary to pick a color for that special piece of furniture.  We want our homes and work spaces to {Read More…}

Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets Mandi was a guest post writer to share her experience of using Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets. This is her account of this transformation. This is Mandi  coming at you with a public service announcement about a very serious condition that is prevalent in many homes. This condition {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #4

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week, celebrating the 4th of July!  All of our paintriots have had a wonderful break but are back at it again transforming furniture with American Paint Company chalk and clay paint.  This week features some wonderful dressers!  Let’s start with this looker from Yesterdays and Today  painted in {Read More…}

Painting Plastic 70’s Furniture – Another Righteous Re-Do!

American Paint Company… Exciting News… Since what you see is what you get, sometimes you need to use your imagination!  That is exactly where American Paint Company comes into the picture.  As DIY-ing continues to grow, some of our best “picking spots” might be a bit picked over by the time we get to them {Read More…}

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