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Fabulous Finishes LTD

Fabulous Finishes Inc

Fabulous Finishes Inc.

Fabulous Finishes Inc

Patty Henning, owner of Fabulous Finishes Inc., A DIY Paints Retailer, Shelby Township, Michigan, shares two beautifully painted pieces with us.  The graceful lines of her desk guarantees elegance, it is painted in APC Cannonball, over a textured base and finished with APC Vintage Dark Wax. It’s absolutely stunning!

Patty’s dresser was taken from drab to fab using APC Shoreline, Surfboard and Spacious Skies, this beautiful blend of turquoises were painted over a raised plaster stencil design on the dresser drawers and apron!  She used a variety of APC colors for her dresser top including, Navajo White, Spacious Skies and Plymouth Rock, each layer of color was sanded before another color was added and she used gray and black glaze , APC Top Coat and finished with APC’s Antiquing Clear Wax tinted with a custom blend of Mica and Patty upped the glam factor with gilded  silver leaf on the sides of her dresser and applied APC Clear Wax overall and buffed to beautiful lustrous shine!

Sassy Frass Co Anacortes

Stacy painted a Hoosier style cabinet in APC Dollar Bill for the sliding cabinet fronts and drawers and a layer of creamy APC Limoges was painted on her cabinet surround.  Stacy created a one of a kind uniquely beautiful piece that is sure to please even the most discerning client!

It is what it is..Vintage

It is what it is..Vintage

It is what it is.. Vintage Shoreline

Co-owners, Kim and Andrea  share a beautiful antique table painted in APC  Shoreline with gold mica accents sealed in APC s Top Coat….Simply Beautiful Results!  We love the updated character and beauty of this piece!

We hope you will try American Paint Company paint and finishes and unleash your creative genius!  You can see more of our retailers beautiful painted pieces on Facebook.

All photos courtesy of American Paint Company retailers

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