This n’ That Thursday – A Before and After

I got this very stylish and classic oval walnut coffee table that had too many dents and scratches to leave unpainted.

Picture 11

Step 1:

I sanded down the top of the table and rough edges of the scalloped top using 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 2:

I then cleaned the entire table using American Paint Company furniture/brush cleaner.

Picture 12

Step 3:
I used Voyage over the entire table.
I’ve found that using
a spray bottle of water to spritz
my paint brush evens out
my strokes and extends the paint very nicely.
Step 4:
After it dried, I applied a metallic bronze paint I had to the inset of the top.
Step 5:
After I applied the bronzing solution and let it dry—I didn’t think it had enough of a “pop” so I went over the top with a wash of Voyage.
Actually I had been water distressing the legs and sides of the table and using that cloth I wiped down the top, leaving enough of a hint of voyage that satisfied me. The wash was able to grab the textured areas and set off the metallic paint.
Step 6:
The entire table was clear waxed using American Paint Company wax.
Again, I felt it needed something more on the top, so I added some Copper Mica with Clear Wax and went back over the top.
A dainty and sleek walnut coffee table that now has a new look and hopefully a new home!
Post courtesy of Karen


  1. I love the top of this table and the color choices!

  2. Love!!!!

  3. Love the makeover! I’m sure we all have come across a piece like this or have one in our attic. Great job.

  4. Beautiful! Great combination!

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