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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to APC – Introduction

Are you just getting started on your first project with American Paint Company products? Feeling a little nervous or at a loss of where to start? Never fear! We’ve got you covered! In this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to APC, we’ll cover the 3 basic steps to a successful paint job as well as the most popular techniques used to achieve the look you want. Not only will we teach you how to use our products, but you’ll also learn how to prepare for your project, what products you may need, and we’ll even recommend some of the most popular beginner project ideas if this is your first time using American Paint Company products.

3 steps to painting with apc

Steps to a Successful Project:

Step 1: PAINT – You’ll learn how to get started using our Clay, Chalk and Mineral based paint for your furniture. If you’re familiar using a latex or chalk based paint, please ensure you read through this step.  Clay paint can be quite different than what you’re probably used to. If this is your first time painting all together, then you’ll be just fine using clay paint since it’s the easiest and most forgiving paint to start out with.

Step 2: DISTRESS – You’ll learn the most popular distressing techniques to give your piece the vintage / aged style.  In this section of the guide, we’ll walk you through the most popular techniques for beginners.

Step 3: SEAL – Clay paint needs to be sealed to protect the paint and prevent from wearing off over time.  You’ll learn about our different APC sealers and we’ll recommend the right sealer for the type of project you’re working on. You’ll also learn how to provide long term care for your furniture, based on the sealer you decide on.

So check out Part 1 of the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide and let’s get started!


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