What have you painted today? Color blog featuring Rushmore!

Color blog featuring Rushmore!

Rushmore is a true taupe, not too gray and not too tan.

You may have heard that Gray is the new Beige, and Greige is a blend of these neutral shades of color.  Greige is likely to appeal to those who aren’t ready to embrace the current Gray color trend as a go-to neutral color, it’s a nice balance of color making both the gray and beige campers happy.

Rushmore is our Greige, a perfect blend of beige and gray.



Salvaged-Decor worked their magic on this beautiful hutch, it was painted with Wild Horses, Home Plate, Rushmore, and finished with Top Coat from American Paint Company!  We love it!

Salvaged Decor hutch

Photo 3 Salvaged Decor Rushmore12042758_10207609981755700_7681141495076357944_n

A custom painted bench using Home Plate and Rushmore was also painted by Salvaged-Decor.


Simply Vintage by the Sea used Rushmore to paint a feed-sack stripe design on a wonderful light wood table, and Rushmore was the right color for this table!

Tami Lynch Rushmore

A sweet end table was painted with Rushmore and a beautiful design was applied to the table top by Simply Vintage by the Sea.

Simply Vintage by the Sea

UNika Custom Creations, LLC in Middletown, DE painted a classic stool using Rushmore all over the stool and added some extra pizzazz with a feed-sack stripe that was painted on the seat top using Blue Jeans, its a perfect match for the feed-sack design on this wonderful water dispensers!

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

Turn the Tables custom painted built-in cabinets that were stark white and did not blend with the clients decor.  It was given a make-over using Rushmore and finished with Clear and Dark Wax. Isn’t it beautiful!

Turn the Tables Rushmore

We hope you love Rushmore and you’ll try it in your home, to repurpose, re-love and reimagine a special piece just waiting for the right color!

All photos courtesy of American Paint Company retailers


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