What have you painted today? Featuring A-maize-ing!

Our talented creative retailers have been busy painting with A-maize-ing – a rich sunny yellow color. A-maize-ing jpg close-up

Nika Hipster of Unika Custom Creations, in Middletown, DE , shows us how to can change a piece of furniture that isn’t working with your decor into something that fits perfectly with what you love.

She used A-maize-ing for the exterior of her piece and Shinning Seas for the interior space, transforming her piece into a beautiful work of art!  With our products you can have the furnishings you’ve always wanted!

Nika Hipsher - A-maize-ing

Jodi loves to create shabby chic and vintage creations using our all natural paint and finishes.  She painted worn scratched children’s chairs and gave them new life using A-maize-ing and Shoreline!

Jodi Sullivan - A-Maize-ing and Shoreline

There is no end to what you can create with American Paint Company products!  Lori Masteroni in Lakewood, CO, owner of Twigs and Twine shares a customers work using A-maize-ing.  Posters were decoupaged to the front of the drawers and she painted the dresser with A-maize-ing as her base.  Isn’t this A-maize-ing!

Lori Masteroni - A-maize-ing

Twigs and Twine – A-maize-ing!

Lisa DeSantiago of Double Take Decor in Hamilton, MT used A-Maize-ing to breath new life into this inviting bench and she painted a matching banner for her tin star!  We love this great look!

Lisa DeSantiago A-maize-ing

Double Take Decor – A-maize-ing!

David painted a table and chairs in a variety of American Paint Company paints and we love all the bright colors.  One of the vibrant fun colors they used, is of course, A-maize-ing!

All things new again - A-maize-ing

Ginny Meyers from Serious Fun Art Studio in Temple Terrace, Florida used A-maize-ing to showcase her American Paint Company retail product supply.  Serious Fun Art Studio offers a wide variety of classes to teach you how to use APC products and they have classes for drawing and painting and painting with wax!

Ginger Myers - Serious Fun Art Studio - A-maize-ing

A-maize-ing jpg close-up

A-maize-ing can be a pop of color or a used to create a bright piece of furniture, the sky’s the limit!

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