What have you painted today? Featuring Fireworks Red!

Fireworks Red!

Colors are like children, you love them all, and each are unique and different with special qualities that make them who they are.  And you love each of them for who they are. One or two colors stand out as leaders of the pack just as children do on a playground and Fireworks Red is one of those stand out leaders!

We love Fireworks Red and everything about it makes it wonderful!  Take a look and see how Fireworks Red can transform a piece into something with energy, excitement and focus.

Double Take Decor - Fireworks Red and Amber Waves of grain

Double Take Decor – Fireworks Red and Amber Waves of grain

Double Take Decor

Double Take Decor painted a display hutch with Fireworks Red and Amber Waves of Grain for the back of the shelving space, and raised a stencil over top in Fireworks Red. This is a perfect display for anything you choose!

Painted Past Designs - Fireworks Red

Painted Past Designs painted a sewing cabinet with Fireworks Red, and the top of the cabinet sports the American flag in Fireworks Red, Shining Seas and Uncle Sam!

Mainely Vintage, Fwr

Mainely Vintage – Piano Bench – Fireworks Red

Manely Vintage fwr

Mainely Vintage, painted two pieces with Fireworks Red, first is a wonderful old piano bench. There was shellac on top chipping all over, scratched too!

I used the ‪‎American Paint Company‬ chalk/clay/mineral paint, and now its awesome!

Fireworks Red, Smoke Signal stenciled design and side detail, finished it with APC’s clear and dark wax.

This lovely sofa table was also painted with Fireworks Red and details were accented using a Lace Doily for added pop!

The Vintage Dames fwr

The Vintage Dames

The Vintage Dames fwr 2

The Vintage Dames

The Vintage Dames

Kathy Cook The Vintage Dames fwr

The Vintage Dames

The Vintage Dames in Harrisburg, PA, painted this sweet antique dresser with Fireworks Red and Vintage Velvet and it’s stunning!

 “I am thrilled with this dresser.”

First coat, Vintage Velvet and top coat is Fireworks Red and Sealed with APC’s Dark Wax! I painted the knobs with Cannon Ball black and then mixed APC’s Copper Mica powder with APC’s Clear Wax and brushed that on the top. I let them dry for a couple hours and buffed.

Sylvia Richter fwr 2 frame

The Green Room Vintage Furniture Gallery

Sylvia Richter fwr frame

The Green Room Vintage Furniture Gallery

The Green Room Vintage Furniture Gallery shares a special frame painted by the owners son and we love it!  He painted it with Fireworks Red and painted, distressed, glazed, waxed, and buffed it, over a course of three days.

His mom said, “He’s the best partner anyone can ask for” and we would agree!

Sylvia Ricther fwr The Green RoomA metal basket was painted with Fireworks Red on the outside and rain inspired Shoreline was painted inside the piece, The Green Room Vintage Gallery, said it was painted in honor of all of the rain they were receiving!


Check out a dresser painted by Shizzle Design they layered American Paint Company colors to the base of this project for added interest and dimension and finished with a juicy layer of Fireworks Red and damp distressed to reveal layers of color.  Yummy!

Sarah Cornett. fwr 1jpg

Rustic Chic Interiors painted a buffet with Fireworks Red, distressed and finished with Top Coat and Dark Wax and the top was painted with Leather Boots.  It’s a beauty now!

Sarah Cornett

Sarah Cornett fwr

A desk was also painted by Rustic Chic Interiors, they used straight up Fireworks Red and slightly distressed the desk finishing it with Top Coat for added durability!
Salvaged Decor fwr Salvaged Decor fwr 1

Salvaged Decor used Fireworks Red to make a statement with this beautiful Mid Century Modern Lane Cedar Chest! Fireworks Red from American Paint Company is a beautiful compliment to the natural wood! ‪

Salvaged Decor fwrd 1

Salvaged Decor fwr 2

Salvaged Decor painted several pieces with Fireworks Red. First an adorable little table was painted all in Fireworks Red, and  finally a close-up of Fireworks Red and hardware painted with Beach Glass for extra pop!

Persnickety's by Cooper Lane Commodities

Persnickety’s painted a beautifully carved sideboard was painted in Fireworks Red making it even more striking and the natural wood top was stained to add luster and depth to this beautiful piece!

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

Do you have a special bed for your K-9 friend?  UNika Custom Creations, LLC, Middletown, DE created a perfect place for your  furry baby to snuggle, using Fireworks Red and Cannonball for a unique paw stencil design, it was finished with Top Coat and Clear Wax. It even come complete with a custom sewn designer cushy pillow!

UNika Custom

UNika Custom Creations, LLC

A second piece by, UNika Custom Creations, LLC, is a side table painted in Fireworks Red, Black Glaze, Cannonball for the tabletop and a wonderful checkerboard drawer pull makes this a delightful piece!

KD's Sweet Picken's

A bold cabinet was given a shot of energy using Fireworks Red, it was painted by  Kd’s Sweet Pickins !

Kd's Sweet Pickins

Kd’s Sweet Pickins also painted this incredible piece with Fireworks Red and Black Glaze for depth, this is a statement piece that is sure to be an exciting focal piece in any home!

Salvaged - paint display case

Salvaged - display

Salvaged in Northville, MI,  painted an open display piece that was originally used to display American Paint Company paints and finishes, and it is now used to display collectibles and other fun things.

Fireworks Red was used for the upper portion of the piece and Lincoln’s Hat for the base making it a striking piece that is not to be ignored feature!

We hope you enjoy our painted pieces featuring

Fireworks Red!

All photos courtesy of retailers



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