What have you painted today? Featuring Lace Doily!

American Home Collection – Lace Doily!

AHC - Lace Doily

AHC – Lace Doily

Lace Doily, is a beautiful shade of cream, its been called aged lace or buttermilk and some say it’s a pale buttery yellow.  However you describe Lace Doily, it works well on its own and it plays well with other colors too!

Cheryl Roy - Lace Doily, brown glaze copper mica

Cheryl shares her beautifully painted buffet with us.  Cheryl used all APC products to create her masterpiece, including Lace Doily, Brown Glaze and Copper Mica accents and Top Coat.  We love the copper Mica accents; it gives her piece a little unexpected bling!

Janine Rego - Lace Doily and Smoke Signal

Janine created an adorable vintage table using, Lace Doily, she added a postage stamp stencil to the tabletop, and painted it in Smoke Signal to create aged interest in the details!

Karen Barchi - Lace Doily

Karen Barchi - Copper Mica detail

Another table was painted by, Karen she said she “wanted to show you how lovely the Copper Mica / Brown Glaze / Top Coat treatment over Lace Doily turned out.”

 We agree her work is beautiful and

we love Lace Doily and Copper Mica


Patty Henning - Fabulous Finishes LLC - finished dresser

Finished chest of drawers


Patty shares a student’s work with us featuring Lace Doily.

Patty said a customer from one of her “Paint a Piece” workshops, painted this beautiful chest of drawers for her “soon-to-be-new-mom- daughter” using Home Plate as her base and Lace Doily over top, finishing with Top Coat for durability.  This is sure to be a treasured heirloom that will be loved by all!

Deborah Dickman - Lace Doily

Deborah shares a lovely coffee table and end table painted in Lace Doily and finished with a custom finish.

Deborah says, “This color is so yummy with the white porcelain knobs. I am definitely hooked!”

Yevon Bolles - Lace Doily

Yevon Bolles - Bookcase - Lace Doily

Yevon used Lace Doily on her book/display case and finished her piece with both Clear and Dark Wax.  We love her work and her painted book/display case is worthy of any office or home!

Irene Sandberg - Lace Doily and Crushed Tea

Irene Sandberg - Lace Doily - Crushed Tea - stencil detail

Irene Sandberg - Lace Doily - Crushed Tea

Irene choose to use Lace Doily for her sweet little table.  She painted the table with Lace Doily and used Crushed Tea for her stenciled details, isn’t it lovely!

Ginger Myers - Serious Fun Art Studio - Lace Doily

Lace Doily

Ginger Myers - Serious Fun Art Studio - Lace Doily

Lace Doily

Ginger Myers shares two projects using Lace Doily.   The first photo shows a demonstration cupboard door,  painted with Lace Doily, Top Coat, Brown Glaze, and Black Glaze.

This helps customers visualize Lace Doily with added glaze and Top Coat finishes.

Ginger also shares a photo of an adorable tissue box painted in Lace Doily, she used Clear Wax to seal her paint and Dark Wax to enhance recessed areas of her tissue box.

We love its funky style!

We hope you’re inspired by our American Paint Company retailers and you’ll try Lace Doily for yourself.  All photos courtesy of American Paint Company retailers.







  1. I should show my cousin this type of paint because she is always looking to repaint her furniture. The other day, she was painting her end tables which ended up looking really nice. I was impressed with they style that she decided to do. It fits her home well because it is a little older and the paint design was older as well.

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