What have you painted today? Featuring Navajo White!

Color Blog featuring Navajo White!

While we love color and many of you do too, we also love the elegance and purity of white.  Neutral colors, including our 4 shades of white will always be popular, and its easy to fall in love with them!

Navajo White is a lovely soft true white, and it’s a standard for beauty, as well as it is versatile and can be added to other paint colors to change the gradation or tint of a color.

You can use our Clear and Dark Wax, Top Coat or Hard Coat, to finish Navajo White and you can depend on it being a true soft white today and always!

Here are a few examples from our retailers of painted furniture using Navajo White.

Navajo White

Navajo White

Painted Past Designs painted a beautiful ornate dresser, using Navajo White for the dresser details & drawer fronts and Smoke Signal for the exterior and surround.  It’s an enduringly beautiful piece!

Painted Past Designs - Navajo White and Smoke Signal

Navajo White and Smoke Signal

Camano Chique painted two pieces using Navajo White on the drawer fronts and Dollar Bill on the desk and end table exterior surrounds.  This is a classic color combination that will withstand the test of time, and they will be perfect in any home!

Nicol Ludwig, nw, dollar bill

Navajo White and Dollar Bill

Camano Chic - Navajo White and Dollar Bill

Navajo White and Dollar Bill

Just in time for the holidays!  A wonderful fireplace mantel surround was painted using Navajo White and lightly distressed to reveal the existing wood and age this little beauty, it was painted by The Magpie’s Cottage where it is proudly displayed!

The Magpie's Cottage - Navajo White

 Navajo White

UNika Custom Creations, LLC shares a before and after photo of a clean lined lingerie dresser, it was painted with Navajo White and lightly distressed, the dresser-top was painted with APC’s Cannonball; and it was finished with Top Coat… and the client was thrilled!

UNika Custom Creations, LLC - Navajo White

Navajo White

Ivy Lane shares several pieces painted using Navajo White and we love each of them!

First, a close-up showing the detail on this piece, using Plymouth Rock on the front of the piece and Navajo White was used in the recesses and carved pattern areas to make them pop!

Ivy Lane - Plymouth Rock and Navajo White

Plymouth Rock and Navajo White

Navajo White is perfect for its clean lines and the bow front of this console!

Ivy Lane- Navajo White

Navajo White

A classic understated beauty was created using Navajo Whiteand it was painted by a customer of Ivy Lane!

Ivy Lane - Navajo White

 Navajo White

Ivy Lane created an adorable custom bench using Navajo White for the bench and Freedom Road for a feed-sack stenciled pattern on the bench seat.

Ivy Lane - Navajo White and Freedom Road

Navajo White and Freedom Road

Wow, Wow, Wow, just about describes this beautiful painted checkerboard floor!  An Ivy Lane customer, designed and painted the checkerboard pattern on their kitchen floor, and it’s amazing!

Ivy Lane - Navajo White and Cannonball

Navajo White and Cannonball

A custom coffee table was painted using Rushmore and Navajo White!

Ivy Lane - Navajo White and Rushmore

Navajo White and Rushmore

To complete an impressive lineup of painted pieces from Ivy Lane, is a French inspired desk painted Navajo White it was lightly distressed and the desk top was painted with Lincoln’s Hat for a classic piece!

Ivy Lane - Navajo White and Lincoln's Hat

Navajo White and Lincoln’s Hat

The Simple Key-TroVe shares three pieces painted with Navajo White.  A wonderful buffet, foyer table or storage station was painted with Navajo White and it was distressed to reveal the original finish.  It would be a statement piece in any home!

Simple Key-TroVe - Navajo White

Navajo White

A cedar chest was given an updated look using Navajo White and the accentuated relief design, was distressed to create even more visual interest as were the linear moldings!

Simple Key-TroVe NW chest

Navajo White

Simple Key-TroVe - Navajo White

Navajo White – detail

Our final piece from Simple Key-TroVe is this substantial cabinet using Navajo White, it was heavily distressed in the natural wear pattern areas and we love it!

Simple Key-TroVe

We hope you are inspired to grab a paint brush, and a quart of Navajo White paint for your next project!



  1. I would love to try some of your products! I am new to chalk paint but not new to color! I probably use to much color for most of the market but what can i say!! Where can i find your paints???

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