What Have You Painted Today? Featuring Rose Garden!

What have you painted today?

What inspires you? What makes you feel excited, happy or full of energy and what stimulates your enthusiasm?

Color can motivate, it can change your mood, or create an environment and setting that is cohesive, warm and inviting or edgy, and fun.

A space can be created to increase concentration and focus using colors that enhance our attention and allow us to study and ponder.

We use red to stimulate energy, appetite, and excitement.

Rose Garden is a beautiful rosy red, perfect for a pop of color or go bold and use on a feature wall.



Rose Garden

Cannonball exterior and Rose Garden interior, by Christina Grant

Turn the Tables uses Cannonball and Rose Garden

Christina painted her bookcase with Cannonball a rich true black and the back panel in Rose Garden for the perfect splash of bold color.  We think she did a great job!

The Rose Peddler Rose Gardenjpg

The Rose Peddler Flowers & Gifts

The Rose Peddler Flowers & Gifts, in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada, painted a chair and bench with Rose Garden drawing interest attention to their business.  We love this and its good for business!

The Rose Peddler Rose Garden 2

The Rose Peddler Flower & Gifts outdoor furniture painted in Rose Garden

The Rose Peddler Flowers & Gifts

The Rose Peddler Flowers & Gifts





  1. Love Rose Garden! Such a happy colour!

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