What have you painted today? Featuring Shingle on the Roof!

American Home Collection – Shingle on the Roof!

Shingle on the Roof is a dark umber brown, and it can be used in any color scheme or combination of colors and its pairs well with of all our American Paint Company colors!

Our retailers have been busy painting this week and they are excited to share their work with you, featuring Shingle on the Roof!

Shingle on the Roof

Dutchie M Design- Shingle on the Roof

Close up of white wax

Close up of white wax and Voyage

Manja created an elegant buffet using Shingle on the Roof  and Voyage for her buffet. Voyage, a soft muted blue was used for the buffet exterior and Shingle on the Roof added depth to the top of the buffet. A custom white wax was mixed using Home Plate and clear wax, white wax was used to finish her piece and create a white washed look. We love how white wax makes the details pop!



Shingle on the roof - Marte Becker


Close up

Drawer hardware - copper mica

Drawer hardware — copper mica

A less than perfect dresser was given new life and presence using Shingle on the Roof!  Marte painted this dresser with Shingle on the Roof, copper mica, brown glaze and Hard Coat.  This dresser has updated hardware using APC copper mica, and hope you agree she’s a beauty now!

shingle on the roof 1- Laurie Johnson Thompson

Shingle on the Roof - Laurie Johnson Thompson

This beautiful table was painted by Laurie Thompson.  The table top was painted using Shingle on the Roof, wet brushed with Limoges, and a layer of APC black glaze was added over top and finished with Hard Coat. Limoges was painted on the table legs and lovely details were given depth in the recessed areas of the table legs using Black Mica and finished with Hard Coat.  This was Laurie’s first painted piece using American Paint Company products, and we think she nailed it!

The Willow Branch - Shingle on the Roof


Fireplace mantel — Shingle on the Roof

The fireplace mantel, was painted using Shingle on the Roof and Home Plate, it was finished with Top Coat and Copper Mica to add a little shimmer!


Shingle on the Roof and Limoges

Shingle on the Roof and Limoges

Donna painted a round coffee table using Shingle on the Roof for the table top, and Rushmore on the table legs and base.  This updated coffee table would be a beautiful accent in any home!  A mirror was painted using Shingle on the Roof and Limoges to bring focus and attention to the details in this beautiful mirror!

We hope you are inspired to try Shingle on the Roof in your home or outdoor space! Remember paint is your friend!



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