Who, What, Where Wednesday – 4 Quarters Timeless Vintage

Paths are worn between the houses of Janet, Marian, Sandy, and Misty.  We’ve all memorized each other’s garage codes.

Simply put, we are friends and neighbors who enjoy junking, shopping, and creating together!


We’ve all had other jobs (art teacher, travel agents, nurse) but thought it would be fun to do something with those creative ideas that we shared with one another. After filling up our homes and garages with our found treasures and creations, we had two options — stop shopping or start selling!  Our adventure started with a small booth in an antique mall, and since then, we’ve upgraded and moved five times!  We opened our doors to our current storefront this past August, and what a blessing it has been.  We are proud to be carrying American Paint Company.

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Our store features vintage home décor.  If we love it old, we keep it old — rusty, chippy, and “loved” are our favorites!

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If what we find needs a facelift, we’ll put our spin on it to breathe new life into worn treasures.

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You’ll even find hand-crafted items, like our 8 foot barnwood table that we built specifically to use for the classes we teach. Yes, we have power tools, and we’re not afraid to use them!

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Although we may never be able to park a car in the garage again, the 4 of us agree — it doesn’t feel like a “job” when we get to meet awesome people, share and inspire, and do what we love every day!


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  1. Love what you do!

  2. Great story! Your shop looks awesome.

  3. Great Story. Beautiful shop!

  4. Love love your shop… what a great post!! Looks like you gals are having so much fun!!! If I’m ever in Missouri, definitely stopping by!

  5. I love your shop! Great displays, wonderful treasures and beautifully painted furniture. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s obvious to me that you all love what you do. Cheers to your adventure together.

    Jen of Ivy Lane

  6. Your store looks awesome! I’m really digging the Fireworks Red china hutch…how pretty! I get to St. Louis on a regular basis and WILL stop in! All the best to you ladies!!

    Karen–>Junque in My Trunk, Topeka, KS

  7. Seems you gals are having so much fun… such a cute shop, you have!!

  8. Oh my H E double L! Best story ever girls, I love to hear storys of women who are doing It for themselves .
    Awesome sauce you are all so blessed to do what you and make a living at it!

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