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My name is Lisa  I own Brick Street Cottage.  I have a confession, I love junk! That’s right, junk! Not for the fact that it is junk in it’s current state, but for it’s potential. My first junk project was at the age of 12, it was an old stop sign that I salvaged from my grandfather’s junk heap at the back of his property in Florida. I brought it back home to Ohio and repainted it with the traditional red and white and added ‘Do Not Enter’ on it. Then I hung it on my bedroom door.

Lisa Bammerlin

Over the years I have taken hand-me-down pieces of furniture and given them a fresh face. I have built shutters into headboards and reupholstered many dining chairs. Once my children were born, I took a break from my junking and started sewing. After painting an old family table for my daughter’s bedroom, I knew I needed to be doing it again. When I started painting her table I tried making the homemade version of a DIY paint but found it to be no different than latex and wasn’t sold on the trend. After about a year, I decided to give it a go again to see what the hype was all about. I searched high and low for a retailer of DIY paints in my area and found there were none. The closest was at least 75 miles away. While doing research I came across American Paint Company paints and decided to give it a try,  I was hooked!  So I brought it here to Marietta in June of 2013 and had it stocked at a friend’s store. While I was very grateful for the opportunity it just didn’t seem quite the right fit. So after a year of painting out of my home, attempting a booth in a very crowded antique mall and selling from that  shop, I knew I needed to have my own space. It took a few months but I finally found a small retail shop and opened in August of 2013.

Brick Street Cottage

I do this for the love of furniture and this place we call home. By saving these treasures from the landfills and basements and attics, we help save our natural resources for future generations.  I love the fact that American Paint Company makes the job so much easier with great colors, 100% all natural ingredients and incredible finishes. I also knew that I couldn’t go wrong by choosing an amazing American made product!

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

So far it has been an incredible journey and I hope that you all will continue to travel down this road with me to see where it all leads.  With so many amazing products and so much furniture to paint, it gets better all the time!

Brick Street Cottage

Map table finished in Blue Jeans, Beach Glass and Wild Horses with Clear Wax

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

 3 tier table painted in Orange Grove, Home Turf, Shoreline and Clear Wax

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

 Old chap map table painted in Home Plate, Shining Seas, Fireworks Red and Dark Wax

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

 Bar cabinet painted in Rushmore as the base, Smoke Signal lettering and Dark Wax

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

 Buffet painted in Beach Glass and Wild Horses

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company

 Buffet finished in Rushmore and Lincoln’s Hat

chalk and clay paint from American Paint Company








  1. Great shop! We’ll have to swing by next time we’re near Marietta!

  2. Deborah Smith says

    Lisa, these pieces are wonderful! I love the map tables, and just everything. Some day I’ll make a road trip and Brick Street Cottage will be on my list of stops!

  3. I love your idea of using maps for your table tops. I’m wondering how you adhered the maps to the table tops? I’ve only finished three projects and just enjoy it so much.
    Thanks, Kitty

  4. Lisa has the cutest shop and such a nice person. I took one of her painting classes and she was great as an instructor. Stop by her shop in Marietta, you won’t be disappointed !

  5. love your map tables!We have been using American Paint Company paints at our shop in Crescent City California and selling the old gold mirrors by painting in great bright colors and distressing the gold through.Even doing custom orders now!

  6. Thanks Lisa for the info on the map idea, I hope to try it. Neat idea! Kitty

  7. Love your shop and love love the creativity in how you have painted your furniture!! Will have to visit, if ever in Marietta, Ohio!

  8. I love Your map table ♡
    If i will marry i wish to buy that table
    Very gorgeous
    Have a good day 🙂

  9. Danielle says

    Hi, I am interested in the map table, I know this post is from over a year ago, but if you have one (or even two) I would love to buy them from you. If not, do you have a tutorial somewhere because I think I actually NEED them in my living room. Thanks!

  10. Doreen Cassidy says

    I would like to know where you get the world maps! I have an office desk I ttried to paint a map on but just not as pretty as yours! Thanks!!

  11. I too would love to know where you found your maps? I have stacking tables I would love to do this on the top. Do you print them out on a Lazer printer, or purchase them.

    Cheers, Stacey

  12. Charlotte Kirk says

    I have a table like your map top table and wanted to put a map on top also. Where did you get a map? Thanks for inspiring me.

  13. Jenny boyink says

    How do you transfer the map on to table?

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