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Hello and welcome to Kansas! I’m Karen Gideon and I am a native Kansan, raised in Wichita and moved to Topeka in the early 1980’s. In my youth I spent lots of time in rural Kingman County visiting my great uncle and aunt on their farm. I have lots of fond memories of their large hay barn and of turning over rocks in the creek beds to see if I could discover an arrowhead or a hidden treasure. Being naturally curious and trained with a scientific background (I’m a former RN, BSN) I love investigating and digging through all sorts of places and figuring out how they relate in our world. My love for discovering untold mysteries and imagining the history behind them was born on the farm in Kingman, KS.


My love of artistry, painting, colors and creativity was born within my own home in Wichita. My mother was a registered artist in Kansas and a founding member of Gallery XII, located in Wichita, KS. I spent countless hours watching her paint, touring gallery after gallery on family vacations, and watching the network of women artists create lovely pieces of art. The arts community she was involved with was very supportive and I found that very comforting, especially as she entered the final years of her life. As my children left our home I contemplated what I was drawn to and how I could find my own creative outlet and a comforting network in my community.  From that process and evaluation  “JUNQUE IN MY TRUNK” was born. IMG_5575
My first steps in painting furniture occurred after we closed down a lake cabin and had some quality pieces that needed a fresh look. From that modest beginning it has evolved into becoming a retailer for American Paint Company and a fledgling business located in Topeka, KS.
I love the excitement and thrill of searching old farm homes, rural ‘trash’ piles, estate sales and auctions. I look for pieces that are unique, fun, funky, quality furniture, vintage items or a mixture of all of those . The thrill is coupled with getting out and meeting incredible people as most have a story of their own.
We all have our own stories and our own emotional attachments to ‘things’ and in the process of getting my items I often hear stories from the owners. I LOVE that part too! When you mix meeting people, hearing stories, discovering mysteries & transforming unique items with American Paint Company paints (+ ME) you get “JUNQUE IN MY TRUNK”.
I’m located inside Pinkadilly, in the recently organized historic arts district of Topeka; officially known as the NOTO area. Please stop by and see my “Fun, Funky, Eclectic” merchandise.  Make sure you say “Hello” and feel free to share your favorite “Junque” story.  Here are some things I have painted:
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  1. I hope your visit to the ‘middle’ of the country finds you traveling through Topeka. Thank you APC for the opportunity to sell your products! And thank you for showcasing Junque in My Trunk, it’s much appreciated!

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