Who, What, Where Wednesday – The Old Store

The Old Store wasn’t our dream, it was our inheritance.

Originally started as a “space filler” in an historic building long sought after by our father for his mechanic shop, our mother thought the front, where the old general store was, would be a great place for a little antique store.

photo 1
We worked with our parents since 1999 as the store began to evolve and take on a life and following of it’s own in our small Oklahoma community. It wasn’t until our father passed away that my sister, Heather (pictured on the left) and I, (Joyce, pictured on the right) began to see a vision of the store for ourselves. So, in January of 2013 we became the owners of The Old Store.

photo 2
Always looking to improve and better serve our customers, we began to restore and paint our furniture finds. Adding my husband, Cody, to the team as our resident painter.

photo 3-4

That’s when we discovered the American Paint Company chalk, clay and mineral based paint. We immediately pursued becoming the first retailers in Oklahoma to carry the brand!

photo 4-4

After trying many other brands, we knew this was a paint we could sell because we believe in it’s quality and value as a company.

You can find us hitting the road and selling our APC paint at the Junk Hippy Roadshow, a traveling eclectic show of vintage and junk!

photo 1-4

photo 2-4

photo 3-5

photo 4-5

We have had so much fun experimenting with all the beautiful colors on some great furniture pieces for our customers. This bench was made from 3 chairs and painted in one of our favorite colors, Surfboard, lightly distressed then Top Coated and finished with Clear Wax.

photo 1-5

However, our top seller has been Beach Glass as shown in the photo below on this fun dresser, accompanied by The Old Store’s graffiti bug which is a favorite spot for a photo op.

The hope chest below was done in Purple Mountain Majesty and was a custom paint job for one of regulars, whose daughter insists on everything being purple!

photo 3-6

This photo features the always stunning, Amber Waves of Grain. Of course, the old stack of tires made a fun backdrop and really makes the yellow pop!

photo 4-6

And finally, my new favorite, Peacock that has been an immediate hit! Shown below on this small desk, as well as the new pint size, the perfect amount for many furniture pieces.

photo 5-1





  1. I SO want to visit your shop! Great treasures, beautiful displays and fun pops of color throughout. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  2. We love the Old Store!! Wonderful friends and always lots of goodies!! <3

  3. What an awesome store! I can’t even fathom having something so spacious and cool, how awesome for you!

  4. Awesome store! We just started selling APC, and I hope we have the same success you have been having! 🙂 You have a great story:)

  5. What a gift you inherited…not only the building, but the opportunity to have a business with your sister. I love the photos and the way you paint your items. If I ever get close to Piedmont…I’m coming in!

  6. Awesome article! The photos are great and so are your pieces. Next time we are in OKC, we’ll sneak out your way and check out your store in person.

  7. Love your story, thanks for sharing! The Old Store looks like a fun place to shop and take pictures.

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