Working with APC in Small Spaces

Working with APC in Small Spaces

If you have not yet learned, American Paint Company boasts of its eco-friendly line of paint, sealers and finishers. Our paint is free of harsh chemicals, solvents, acrylic co-polymers, or fungicides. It’s 100% all natural. Besides being safe for the environment, it means that working with APC in small spaces is totally possible! You won’t get high on fumes or experience the nauseating headaches of working with latex based paints.

Working in small places isn’t the only place where using APC can be beneficial. Sure, being confined to a small bathroom or powder room can be intoxicating  if painting with other non eco-friendly paints. But sometimes, because of cold weather or harsh wind conditions outside you might be forced to paint indoors. Also, if you’re pregnant, or painting with kids, you might opt for a natural option that APC provides.

Leah purchased her non-smelling products from Buds N Blooms. She picked up some Tarnished Platter and Top Coat to seal her project. Tarnished Platter is a silvery and tarnished grey blue. And her canvas was her old oak bathroom vanity. The vanity is over 15 years old and it was put in by her father-in-law and husband. Over the years, her kids have drawn and written on it (oh kids!), and the vanity needed a little update.

The top coat also gave it a nice little shine. 🙂


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