Before & After Wood Bowl


This is Jessica with APC Paints, and today we’re going to be working on this wooden bowl that I picked up from the thrift store.

I’m going to be using two colors from American Paint Company and I’m going to show you how you can just wet distress any piece using American Paint Company products and a damp cloth to get an awesome finish.

I picked up this bowl from the thrift store and it was $7.

I’ve been seeing lots of awesome projects with wooden bowls.

So I thought, Hey, I’m going to snag this and see what we can do with it.


The colors that I’m thinking of today, APC Uncle Sam and APC Smoke Signal.

And I’d like to put Smoke Signal on the bottom with Uncle Sam on top, and then we’re going to just wet distress it and see what it does on this detail that we have from this.


I love that American Paint Company products adhere to any surface. It’s pretty fun when you go to your local thrift store and see all of these items that now when you look at them you think this could use some APC!

It’s kind of fun.  You start looking at everything differently.

I love layering with American Paint Company. Basically if you just, you can put as many color combinations as you want on top of each other. When you go to distress, it’ll reveal the underneath color. You can stick to your neutral colors, like we are doing today, a white with a gray, or you can get all crazy and do all sorts of fun colors.

When you start off painting, the first layer might look like a kids painted it, but don’t worry about that.  Once the paint has completely dried we will  add the next layer to it. The first layer does not have to be perfect.

The second layer we will use APC Uncle Sam.

Next we will do a little bit of wet distressing so we will take our cloth and just dip it into some water and you don’t want it to be dripping wet.  You just want it to be damp. Now there’s several ways that you can do this, but the way that I’ve always done it is I’ve just taken it and wrapped it around one finger and then focused the pressure just in one area.

I’m going to just apply pressure around the top of the bowl just until that second color pops through. And if it goes all the way down to the wood finish, I’m going to be fine with that too. So you just lightly lightly apply pressure until you get the luck that you like.

It’s so easy to wet distress and it’s less mess.

This is the part that just really makes my heart happy when the piece comes alive!

I love the softness that white distressing.


First: Paint

Second: Distress

Third: Seal


Third Step we will be using American Paint Company, Clear Wax for this project.


A little bit goes a long ways.

If you have used furniture wax before you’ll notice the difference with the APC Wax is that there’s no smells to it. Well, it does smell like honey, and it goes on like butter.

Even though it doesn’t smell strong, you still just need a little bit.

So we’re just going to take our cloth and rub it over the whole surface and let the wax soak into the paint and you’ll notice that the colors are just going to pop a little.


The steps with APC Wax are:



3. Buff


(If you’re working on a bigger piece, I highly recommend using the wax brush.)

That was a fun project!

I hope it inspired you to go check out your thrift store and see what kind of wooden bowls you can find.


I really do hope you make time to create!




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