Old Coffee Table given new life during lockdowns!

Joeline was telling us about this old coffee table that was left in the house they had bought 18 years ago! During Covid she had picked up some APC products from Buds N Blooms and thought this would be a fun project for her hubby and their 2 youngest boys!   What a GREAT idea!!  {Read More…}

Glaze Class

This weeks video is a quick little class on the APC Glaze. Using APC Black & Brown Glaze on different tones of Brown to show you how you can create a finish for any table top or dresser top project etc. Mixing Black & Brown Glaze with Kona, Espresso & Double Double we added a {Read More…}

Before & After Wood Bowl

Hi, This is Jessica with APC Paints, and today we’re going to be working on this wooden bowl that I picked up from the thrift store. I’m going to be using two colors from American Paint Company and I’m going to show you how you can just wet distress any piece using American Paint Company {Read More…}

Painted Funky Flower Pot

Hey! The kids aren’t the only ones Dabbing… and by dabbing I mean using APC Paints to add texture to any piece!! This week I found this FUNKY vase that was just screaming for some APC Cannonball! I used APC Kona, APC Smoke Signal, APC Uncle Sam as the under colors “dabbed” on to the {Read More…}

Glass Vase Transformation!

Transform your Flower Pots

Hey friends! It sure is feeling like Spring around here! I have had this flower pot for several years and the color just doesn’t go with my current living room colors…. Sooo… it was the perfect project for me this week! I also added a little “bonus” project during dry time. Watch this video to {Read More…}

Creating a Table Tray with Items from the Dollar Store!

Hi friends! This week I picked up 5 different projects from the #Dollarama​ and used APC products to CREATE a Tablescape for Spring! Watch this video to see how it all turned out 🙂       Shop APC Products HERE   Happy CREATING!    #BeACreator​ #AmericanPaintCompany

Bring SPRING into your home!

Quick way to add some new decor into your home for SPRING. Dollarama wooden houses + APC Glaze and some APC Paint… and I’m loving how it looks in my kitchen! Watch to follow along and see what I created this week! Happy Creating! xx #BeACreator​ #AmericanPaintCompany​ #Dollarama​ CLICK HERE to Shop APC  

Creating Art with APC!

Check out how I created a finish using APC Plaster & Paint on a Dollarama Canvas as well as a frame from Value Village. I hope you make time today to CREATE, you will be glad you did.   #BeACreator​ #americanpaintcompany​ CLICK HERE to Shop APC    

End Table Transformation

Hey friends! This week I thought it was time to update our bedroom set. Last April my husband and I finally got a King Bed!!  *whoop*whoop* We didn’t get the whole set, just the head and foot board. Sooo I have 2 end tables and a dresser that needs some paint love to make a {Read More…}

A friend gave the gift of CREATIVITY!

What a great friend Karla has!  She gifted her some APC paint!  *whoop whoop* Here is what Karla has to tell us about her APC experience: A friend of mine was using this dresser for tools. It had an awful shiny blue oil based finish on it but I knew it was once white as {Read More…}

Learn more about APC Wax with Charlene

Charlene (from The Primitive Lane) and Kevin have some great chats regarding APC’s Wax. Grab your coffee and hang out with them, you’ll get lots of good tips and be inspired to CREATE! #BeACreator #AmericanPaintCompany      

Make time to CREATE like TJ Brosseau did!

We had a kitchen table that had a sticky kind of finish. It never felt clean, the previous owners had used it as a craft table so there was bits of paint and nail polish on it. The finish also peeled off fairly easily, and during supper my kids would constantly pick at little pieces {Read More…}

Make time to CREATE…like Lorraine Stubbins did!

Lorraine used the following APC products to CREATE some pretty awesome pieces: Uncle Sam Freedom Road Top Coat Clear Here is what she has to tell us about her pieces: I did 7 pieces in my master bedroom! Barn board bed I built myself in 2001 5 drawer dresser a wooden desk 2 night stands {Read More…}

Glazing Wooden Stool Legs with APC Black Glaze.

Hi everyone! It’s Jessica with APC. We’re here today to do a fun little project, I picked this up at one of our Liquidation Centers and the color on the legs doesn’t really match my house. What I would like to do is put some APC glaze on it and use the glaze as a {Read More…}

Make Time to CREATE … like Janik Chopin

Janik used the following APC products: Gunpowder  Home Plate Top Coat   This is what she had to say about her project: My husband purchased this frame for me in the 81, just before our wedding! Originally red it was painted in Gold Leaf, & he cut the mirror to size. This sat in a {Read More…}

Make Time to Create!

Valentines Craft Inspiration!     Do you ever just have those days where you just feel like you NEED to create?  I was having one of those days and glad I had made a stop to the Dollar Store the day before. This cute quick project was under $5! I had in the cupboard some {Read More…}

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