Creative Freedom with Pallets and Paint

Thrifty reclaimed textured PALLET WOOD is all the rage. Projects range from simple
to divine. Here are some projects from our American Paint Company retailers


Jennifer shared this

creative coffee table – built with old pallet wood – they used old thick porch posts for

the legs. Painted in American Paint Company Navajo White and sealed with our Top Coat

this table is vintage sophisticate. The old handle is painted in Shoreline. On the

other end are industrial wheels (sorry no pic it sold too fast) just lift the handle

and roll into place.

Here’s another project from Ivy Lane.  Jen says, ” We married a vintage window,

metal brackets, metal hook and an enamel bowl to create a one-of-a-kind potting

bench using pallet wood. The window is easily removed with a few screws for

winter storage and the base is rock solid for all weather conditions. We applied

the paint like a stain by diluting Home Turf with water so it would seep into the

pallet wood. We decided not  to put a sealer on the paint finish. This potting

bench was weathered outside and remained solid. The color faded to a soft

green. American Paint Company Chalk/Clay/Mineral paint is perfect for outdoor



Jamie built this rustic book case from an old pallet.  American

Paint Company Black Glaze gives the wood a true weathered rustic look. Jamie

sealed her project with American Paint Company Top Coat.


Have you used pallet wood yet? Give it a try, give it some color! Find an American

Paint Company Retailer near you at Find a



  1. Very creative use of recycled material

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