Learn How To Repaint Your Furniture and Decor!

It’s workshop season, and American Paint Company retailers are hosting beginner classes at locations all across the U.S. and Canada! Do you want to learn how to repaint your furniture and home decor using an Eco-Friendly Clay, Chalk and Mineral paint? APC Beginner Workshops In our APC 101 Workshops, you’ll get the confidence you need {Read More…}

Creative Freedom with Pallets and Paint

Thrifty reclaimed textured PALLET WOOD is all the rage. Projects range from simple to divine. Here are some projects from our American Paint Company retailers Jennifer shared this creative coffee table – built with old pallet wood – they used old thick porch posts for the legs. Painted in American Paint Company Navajo White and {Read More…}

Larkspur Interiors!

Denise and I are lifelong friends who started Larkspur interiors in 2011 although we’ve been painting furniture for much longer than that. We both live on Larkspur Circle hence the name of our business. We share a passion for antiques thrifting, auctions yard sales and painting furniture. In 2014 we opened our first brick-and-mortar. Before {Read More…}

Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are grateful for all of our families, friends and wonderful customers this year. We are also thankful for a healthy chalk and clay based paint to repurpose furniture and give it new life! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and SAFE holiday weekend! #americanpaintcompany

Repairing Damaged Furniture – Tip Tuesday

American Paint Company retailers are an  incredibly talented group of artists. This tip/tutorial from Chris of Midwest Cottage and Finds will walk you through duplicating a missing trim piece. Visit our “Find a Retailer” tab to locate a retailer near you. I picked up this beauty at a local Goodwill store. If you look at {Read More…}

American Paint Company – 30 Colors until tomorrow…

Thirty.  What a nice number.  Wait, but thirty-two has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  Some for me and more for you, colors numbered at thirty-two!  Yes, that does have a snappy ring to it.  Well then, looks like a little addition is in order!  So for today, here are the 30 colors of {Read More…}

Retail Opportunity – Calling All Paintriots

We want you! Ever has been the call to Americans for many reasons, and once again the charge is issued. We want you to sell an amazing, all natural paint! We want you to build your business with a wonderful product that can offer a unique dimension to your retail location. We want you to {Read More…}

Chalk, Clay and Mineral Based Paint – Only the best for you!

We are excited to share this amazing paint with everyone. Made from natural chalks, clays and minerals, this paint is the ultimate for the DIYer out there! There are 30 wonderful colors and several amazing finishes to complete your painting project. The waxes come in four colors; clear, and dark, white and black. There is {Read More…}

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