Decoupage Masterpiece – Tip Tuesday

Today’s Tip Tuesday is a re-post from one of our most popular tutorials.

Creating a decoupaged dresser.

How to Decoupage

Follow along with this step-by-step to create your very own masterpiece:

1) Choose a complimentary American Paint Company color that will blend in with the poster, giving it the effect that the poster and color are blended together.  Since I had my photo done in black and white, I chose Lincoln’s Hat as my base color.

LINCOLN'S HAT A true black

A true black

Remove the hardware, paint the piece and set aside.  Paint any remaining coats as needed and let dry.

painted in Lincoln's Hat by American Paint Company

2) Lay the piece in a position where you can easily apply Mod Podge adhesive to the surface area where the poster will be applied.  Apply a “light” coat to the back of the poster and with a couple of helping hands, apply poster to the piece (from bottom to top) while rubbing out the bubbles, gently, as you go with a wallpaper smoother or other soft straight edge.  Some bubbles will naturally remain so don’t worry too much.

smoothing out poster for decoupage

3) Giving the poster enough time to dry, use a sharp edged razor or exacto knife (a fresh blade will do the best cutting) and cut along the lines where appropriate.   After cutting, where appropriate, remove the drawers and set aside.

trimming at drawer openings

4) Apply a healthy coat of Mod Podge over the entire piece (and drawers, if indicated) and while wet, rub the edges of the poster with a sanding block and/or sanding paper to give a vintage effect.

5) After the piece has completely dried, seal your painted wood (and hardware ) with the American Paint Company finish of your choice.  Let dry, apply hardware and love.

decoupaged dresser with little boy

6) Locate an APC retailer near you by visiting the website at

“For Cooper, Remember me, Bob”

Post courtesy of Chris


  1. Any advice to lessen brush strokes? I’ve watered paint down but can still see every line.

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Your brush quality may be the culprit. Try using a fine, synthetic bristle brush for best results.

  2. What kind of poster or paper quality do you need to do something like this? I’m a newbie to decoupage & transfers, but would love to try it out! Tia!

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Decoupage works well with whatever paper you can have you image printed on. It’s just best to stay away from something too thick that would be less pliable.

  3. Can I use the APC Top Coat over the decoupage area instead of modge podge, or do you recommend MP over the paper and TC over the painted areas only?

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