It’s all about the color!

Endless Color options! American Paint Company paint colors can be mixed to create an endless variety of colors, tones, shades and hues! Our colors were meant to be mixed and matched and we give you license to use your Creative Freedom!   At American Paint Company we love color, all colors! KD’s Sweet Pickens used Home Plate, {Read More…}

Decoupage Masterpiece – Tip Tuesday

Today’s Tip Tuesday is a re-post from one of our most popular tutorials. Creating a decoupaged dresser. Follow along with this step-by-step to create your very own masterpiece: 1) Choose a complimentary American Paint Company color that will blend in with the poster, giving it the effect that the poster and color are blended together. {Read More…}

Makeover Monday – A Funky Vanity

I’m sure a lot of you are anxious for Spring to arrive, hopefully it’s already arrived in your neck of the woods.  I see pictures of other people’s flowers and I’m so jealous!!!  If we can’t start planting for a few more weeks, at least we can enjoy brightening up the place with some paint. Cathy {Read More…}

Re-imagining Furniture – Giving New Life to a Table

I found a small Queen Anne leg table that at first glance was made from oak. Once I had it home and really looked it over, I noticed that the top had a wavy appearance. I was contemplating what I was going to do about that when I discovered the top was a glued down {Read More…}

Decoupaging Furniture – Grandma’s Table

This is my sister, Colleen. She is the greatest sister a girl could ever ask for, a wonderful mother to her three babies and my best friend in the entire world. She is also incredibly challenging when it comes to finding the perfect birthday present for her. This is our grandmother’s table. It was a beauty {Read More…}

Decoupaged Dresser – In Memory of My Father

I couldn’t really think of anything to give my son, Cooper, when he graduated from the University of North Carolina this past summer. I just remember thinking how proud my father would have been.  My father, Robert Cooper, was a friend, Cooper’s namesake, uniquely special grandfather, veteran and loving husband.  I went through some old photos of {Read More…}

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