A friend gave the gift of CREATIVITY!

What a great friend Karla has!  She gifted her some APC paint!  *whoop whoop*

Here is what Karla has to tell us about her APC experience:

A friend of mine was using this dresser for tools. It had an awful shiny blue oil based finish on it but I knew it was once white as I had one like it in the 70’s.

I loved the lines saw the possibilities and eventually convinced him to give it to me ,he was only using it for junk and tools anyway.

Another friend who knew I liked to paint furniture gave me 2 cans of APC paint, Cannonball and Surfboard and I was excited to have my 1st chalk paint experience.

I had read that a primer was not always necessary but I made sure to scuff it up with sandpaper.

After that, I fixed the hole on the side and used some wood putty on a couple of drawers that had gauges in them.

The paint is thick and smooth and one coat covered brilliantly.

I painted the top edge and legs with a gold acrylic craft paint and used an embossed prepasted paintable wallpaper border on the drawers.

Then I painted them with Cannonball, then gold, then dry brushed with the black.


I left it for a day to ensure the paint had cured and then used wax.  What a surprise to see the rich black come to life when I buffed the wax finish!

I recommend APC Paints to anyone who will listen!!


What a BEAUTIFUL transformation Karla, thanks for sharing with us!!


I hope YOU make time today to CREATE!


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