Glazing Wooden Stool Legs with APC Black Glaze.

Hi everyone! It’s Jessica with APC.
We’re here today to do a fun little project, I picked this up at one of our Liquidation Centers and the color on the legs doesn’t really match my house.
What I would like to do is put some APC glaze on it and use the glaze as a stain.
It’s perfect for a day like today, because it is so cold outside. It’s minus 24 Celsius (minus 13*F). So it’s a very, very cold.
Typically you would use a stain and it would have that horrible, awful headache smell. You have to leave the windows open & you have to get good ventilation.
I’m super pumped about the APC glaze is because it acts just like a stain, except for there is no smells whatsoever.
Take a watch HERE and see how I transform this $19 stool with 3 TBSP of Black APC Glaze!
Happy Creating!


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