Learn How To Repaint Your Furniture and Decor!

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It’s workshop season, and American Paint Company retailers are hosting beginner classes at locations all across the U.S. and Canada!

Do you want to learn how to repaint your furniture and home decor using an Eco-Friendly Clay, Chalk and Mineral paint?

APC Beginner Workshops

In our APC 101 Workshops, you’ll get the confidence you need to tackle bigger projects at home like your bar stools, kitchen table, dresser and more!


You’ll learn some of the most popular techniques like how to ‘distress’ your furniture to get the antique finish.

You’ll also get comfortable using the paints on different types of surfaces like wood, glass and ceramic.

Classes include beginner projects, supplies and all the paint you’ll need to finish your first projects.

Frame, Jar, Pot

3 Reasons to Attend a Workshop:

1. Did you know that repainting your old, outdated furniture can be cost effective? You can save money by updating and recycling your old furniture instead of buying a new piece.

2. Taking a workshop can be fun and therapeutic. You can have a fun night out with your friends, and create something you can be proud of.

3. Anyone can learn how to do it! When you’re learning the basics, it’s easy to follow along while you learn how to use the paints for the first time.

Why use APC Products?

Why use a Clay based paint, instead of a Latex or Acrylic based paint?


With a clay based paint, there is no peeling or chipping like with traditional latex paint.

You will also notice that with an Eco-Friendly paint like American Paint Company, you won’t have any paint fumes or smells.

Plus, it’s easier to distress and get the antique finish with clay paints, rather than using a latex based brand.

APC is proud to be 100% All Natural:

American Paint Company is one of the most well known Clay, Chalk & Mineral paint companies on the market today.

With 25 years experience, thousands of happy customers and over 300 retail locations, you’ll love repainting your furniture and decor with APC!

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Do you want more information on our American Paint Company beginner workshops?

Click the link here to find your nearest retailer and ask them about their upcoming workshop schedule.

*Note – see local retailer for details on the projects and techniques – they may vary for each participating retailer.

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