Make time to CREATE like TJ Brosseau did!

We had a kitchen table that had a sticky kind of finish.

It never felt clean, the previous owners had used it as a craft table so there was bits of paint and nail polish on it.

The finish also peeled off fairly easily, and during supper my kids would constantly pick at little pieces of it so there were marks all over it.

I decided one day I had enough, so I stripped off the old paint on the top of the table, sanded it down.

I stained the top with wood stain as underneath the ugly paint job was beautiful wood.

Then, I washed the base of the table very well, and painted Uncle Sam over top.

I used Top Coat on the entire table, stained top included.


My wife loves the new table!

It was so easy to paint! It covered the old paint job completely!!

Even though I was covering white over a dark wood finish, it only took three coats of paint to make it crisp white.

Everything was so simple.

I was able to do a single layer of paint in under a half hour.

Thanks TJ for sharing your experience with us!  It looks great!!

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