Painting Metal

Wondering what American Paint Company paint can be used on?

Well… it will adhere wonderfully to most surfaces.

Wood, laminate, formica, glass, ceramic and even metal.


However, a good thing to keep in mind is, while APC paint will adhere to most surfaces it will not block oil or grease stains on your pieces so be sure to wash your items well before you begin painting.

Painting Metal

Painting metal is just as easy as painting wood.

These stools were purchased for a kitchen bar area. They’ve seen better days. With a little lovin’ using APC products they will be looking fabulous in no time.

Remember… the first thing to do is give them a scrubbin’.

Painting Metal

Then go ahead and start painting.

This is a dear friend of mine. The stools are hers, lucky duck! She’s been going through a rough patch of her own lately and when that happens… sometimes all you can do is paint!

So as soon as our paint arrived she was at the store with paint brush in hand ready to bust into the new colors. I was excited to see her using Fireworks Red, and all she needed was a sample size amount of paint.

Fireworks Red

With one sample she was able to finish up both stools and with only one coat on each stool. For added durability, she finished the Fireworks Red on the stools with the American Paint Company Top Coat finish. A brush on ‘poly’ like finish.

Painting Metal

Painting Metal

The finished stools look amazing and will add just the right amount of red to her kitchen area.

Great job Sally!!

Post courtesy of Chantelle


  1. Sally’s stools turned out fabulous!! Love ’em!!

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