Fast Verdigris using American Paint Company products!

Verdigris A verdigris patina usually takes time, a very long time, and its distinctly bluish-green encrustations are formed on copper or brass by oxidation from exposure to water and atmospheric elements over time.  A beautiful nature inspired verdigris, is created quickly using American Paint Company’s paint, copper mica, Top Coat and Clear Wax. Video courtesy of {Read More…}

All things new again!

Hello, 2015! This seems like a good time to complete all of those half-finished projects I started waaaaaay back in 2014. If you have been to our shop, All Things New Again in Leesburg, VA, in the past six months or so … you may have seen me working on this lampshade. That stencil—with its {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #1

Welcome to Facebook Friday.  The APC Facebook Friday series will highlight photos posted on the APC Facebook page from the previous week by our APC fans.  Please join us each Friday for this fun and inspirational re-cap of the week.  This week’s Facebook Friday features are: 1. Cathy snagged this decorative mirror from their stash and {Read More…}

Painting Metal

Wondering what American Paint Company paint can be used on? Well… it will adhere wonderfully to most surfaces. Wood, laminate, formica, glass, ceramic and even metal.   However, a good thing to keep in mind is, while APC paint will adhere to most surfaces it will not block oil or grease stains on your pieces {Read More…}

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