Painting Plastic 70’s Furniture – Another Righteous Re-Do!

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Since what you see is what you get, sometimes you need to use your imagination!  That is exactly where American Paint Company comes into the picture.  As DIY-ing continues to grow, some of our best “picking spots” might be a bit picked over by the time we get to them so we might have to look a little bit closer to those items left behind and let our imagination kick in!

American Paint Company



Case in point, ugly plastic 70’s furniture!  Look at how the detail jumps out in the picture above, making this piece look rustic vintage, detailed with American Paint Company Home Plate and a bit of detail added with APC dark wax.

I am leaving this piece as is so when people come into the shop to look at my APC paint colors they can see that sometimes what you get with American Paint Company paints is A LOT better than what you see at first!!!

Post courtesy of Midwest Cottage & Finds


  1. What a great selling point! Before and after right there in front of the customer.

  2. mm Lynne Nyberg says

    There is so much of this stuff out there. You’ve inspired me to give this style a second look.

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