Painting Textiles – A Wonky Stool

Purple Mountain Majesty Has a Wonky Week

Last week we were vendors at a wonderful outdoor show in farm country, eastern Oregon. As I prepared it seemed that everything went wonky.  The fun part of wonky is that it fits my personality, so I rolled with it.

PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTY A medium eggplant purple

I’ve been wanting to play with Purple Mountain Majesty for a while now, and stripes. Since I am a first time striper (gotta make sure THAT word is spelled right), the target of my brush was a small pleather covered foot stool.

Picture 11

I unscrewed those little round feet and gave them a couple of coats of Purple Mountain Majesty. I whipped out the Dawn’s Early Light and freehanded that center stripe. This is where the wonky began. Nothing a little PMM and a tiny little artist brush couldn’t fix.

Picture 12

Black pleather needed two coats of paint. No worries about complete coverage the first time around. Just go with the process. I was painting at the cash wrap at my shop in tiny town Oregon. When it was closing time I left Stooly right there over night.

Picture 13

Next morning it was time to gather my courage and get out the tape. There is much advice that can be offered regarding first time striping. Of paramount importance is this; unless you are willing to embrace the wonky, do not choose a padded stool and blue painter’s tape for your first project.

Picture 14

I couldn’t wait for totally dry paint, so the tape was removed at pretty close to totally dry.  Yep. There are some perfect stripes and some blurred lines. To my eye, perfectly wonky!

Picture 16

Stooly’s finishing touches; a little wet distressing and some APC Clear Wax on the feet. Buffed those feet to just the right glow with my favorite antique paint brush. (I don’t tackle big buffing projects with this brush, but I love the heft and the feel of it in my hand. I recommend taking time to enjoy the journey whenever possible.) Two coats of APC Top Coat to the body.

Now a trip to The Junk Barn Girls Third Annual show. Wonky wonderfulness and the lovely fun of painting with Purple Mountain Majesty and Dawn’s Early Light.

Stooly will reside for the time being at my shop, Gathered Over Time, on Main Street in Echo, Oregon. I’d love to have you stop by. You won’t have trouble finding us. The business district is two tiny town blocks long. Of course there’s always Facebook for long distance friends.

Picture 15

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  1. Peggy Mayle says

    love the wonky stool!

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