Painted Inspiration!

Painted Inspiration! Summer is coming to an end, kids are back at school and we have more structure and routine with the close of summer vacation. You can almost feel autumn in the air! We love the changing seasons, there is always something to look forward to and each season brings new opportunities to paint {Read More…}

Painting Textiles – A Wonky Stool

Purple Mountain Majesty Has a Wonky Week Last week we were vendors at a wonderful outdoor show in farm country, eastern Oregon. As I prepared it seemed that everything went wonky.  The fun part of wonky is that it fits my personality, so I rolled with it. I’ve been wanting to play with Purple Mountain {Read More…}

Painting Fabric – A Chair Transformed

When I saw this chair I knew it would be perfect to paint.  I loved the style and the round upholstered seat.  My intentions were to reupholster the seat but once I looked it over, I realized it would be more work harder than I thought. I had a fantastic desk and it needed a chair so {Read More…}

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