Recycle & Repurpose Projects with APC

Recycle & Repurpose Projects with APC

What’s In The Box?
Challenge Your Creativity

Welcome to this week’s “What’s in the Box?” blog post. This series is our version of the “mystery bag” located conveniently next to the cash register of your local Claires. A few (3-4) mystery APC products are delivered to one lucky person here at APC and they get to create something magical with those products. Check out some of those projects that have been made with a little APC love. Or read on to discover how a you can recycle & repurpose your projects with APC.

Products for the Week

This week’s box contained only 2 paint colors! Canadian Shield and Double Double. Both these colors are part of the Canadian collection and both pretty great Fall colors if you’re looking to make some fall decor. But this time around, they were used to recycle and repurpose a framed mirror that had been previously used as a daughter’s bedroom mirror.

As her daughter’s mirror, our lovely painter had transformed this plain black, boring (shiny – eww…) frame into something with a little more pizzazz. By adding some Vixen paint color, and allowing the black to come through, she gave the mirror some character and charm. But after deciding to decorate her family guest bedroom, she decided it was time to repurpose the mirror and find it a new home there.

Using a quilt that her husband’s grandma made as a base for the decor, she set out to bring the room together pulling colors from the quilt. Some green pillows helped, but repainting the mirror with our “What’s in the Box?” supplies, definitely was a step up.

Wet Distressing

This project was simple. The Double Double went on first. The pink from the initial coat was pulled through with some wet distressing (wetting a cloth and removing the paint in choice spots). Next, the Canadian Shield paint was applied. A little more wet distressing and the desired effect was attained.

Enjoy the Process

Here at APC, we not only revel in the amazing projects and re-furnishes that you accomplish with our help! However, we absolutely LOVE the fact that you enjoy yourself throughout the process. We remove the harsh chemicals, the toxic fumes, and eliminate less-than-fun steps (sanding, priming), so that you can truly and fully enjoy your time with your project. And recycling and repurposing this framed mirror was definitely a joyful project, just enjoying the process of creating something beautiful.

Your Turn!

So what will you make with these fabulous colors? Show us what you’ve created! We love to hear you brag! Enter to win a $100 gift box of APC by submitting your projects too!

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