How to Repurpose an Old Hutch in Just 3 Hours

Repurposing old furniture may seem like an overwhelming task.

Many folks pick up dated pieces with plans to give them a facelift, but the chore is often put off due to the prep work, time, and energy it entails. Thankfully, American Paint Company customer, Audrina Steciw, has found a quick and easy way to make a dated piece new again.

Prepare to be inspired!

Audrina’s transformation story begins with an outdated hutch she picked up at no cost on a swap site. “I thought I could bring new life to it and was looking for a piece to go in my living room,” she told us.

With her vision for the hutch in mind, Audrina decided to customize the piece by combining American Paint Company’s Born on the 4th of July and Peacock clay-based paints. “The paint mixed very well, and also went a long way,” Audrina shared. “Just half a pint covered my entire project. [I used] two coats on most areas.”

Because American Paint Company’s Clay, Chalk and Mineral paints are fast-drying, Audrina completed her entire project in just three hours. And she was able to complete the job indoors, since the clay-based paints have no offensive odor. “I love that it doesn’t smell!” she told us. “I didn’t have to worry about waiting until my kids were sleeping to finish [the project].”

For this week’s “Share Your Project” post, we’re sharing how Audrina transformed an old hutch into a beautiful piece for her living room.

Step 1: Repainting Old Hutch

Audrina skipped sanding, and jumped right into the painting process. To start, she used two coats of her custom color.



Born on the 4th of July

Born on the 4th

Tip: Be sure to give paint time to dry between coats.

Step 2: Time to Sand

Next, Audrina used a rough grit sanding block to sand the painted pieces.

Tip: Sand with the grain, and use varying pressure to expose the original wood for Audrina’s gorgeous, distressed look!

Step 3: Sealing with Vintage Antiquing Wax


After removing any leftover dust, Audrina applied American Paint Company’s Dark Vintage Antiquing Wax in the corners of the hutch.

Finally, she used Clear Vintage Antiquing Wax to cover the entire piece. Like our paints, American Paint Company’s Eco-Friendly Wax has no invasive smell, so it’s safe to use inside.

In three simple steps, Audrina transformed an old, second-hand hutch into a stunning piece she’s now proudly displaying in her family’s living room.

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By: Kelly Spears


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