New Life to a Child’s Favorite Toy with Clay, Chalk & Mineral Paint

If you go up to your Grandma’s attic, you might just find an old rocking horse hiding up there. How awesome would it be to grab that rocking horse from the attic, clean it up, and re-paint it with an all natural products?! TOTALLY AWESOME!! So let’s find out how Debbie brought new life to {Read More…}

4 Steps to Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint

Cheryl decided to try Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint. As the owner of Dragonfly Consignments & Gifts in Yankton, South Dakota and Authorized Retailer for American Paint Company, she wanted to try a project that she hadn’t done before. After she finished her first screen painting project, she received so many positive comments that {Read More…}

How to Repurpose an Old Hutch in Just 3 Hours

Repurposing old furniture may seem like an overwhelming task. Many folks pick up dated pieces with plans to give them a facelift, but the chore is often put off due to the prep work, time, and energy it entails. Thankfully, American Paint Company customer, Audrina Steciw, has found a quick and easy way to make {Read More…}

This n’ That Thursday – Man Cave Coffee Table

Repurposing wooden items that were originally made for industrial or military use has become very popular in recent years. Heavy, roughly cut items become interesting and useful conversation pieces after a little alteration, natural chalk/clay/mineral paint by American Paint Company and a little TLC. I have several Vietnam-era boxes that the U.S. Army used to {Read More…}

Stenciling with Plaster – A Little Table

This past week I finished this little side table, here it is shown before, in my version of  this year’s Pantone color – Radiant Orchid. I mixed these 2 American Paint Company colors; BORDELLO SHINING SEAS to get to my purple #1  (deli container on right) and these 2 American Paint Company colors; FIREWORKS RED {Read More…}

Mixing Custom Colors – One Artist’s Journey

I love color and am often asked how I come up with my custom colors. The ability to mix colors successfully, or keep adding or subtracting certain hues until I achieve what is in my head, did not come naturally. There is a science called color theory and it is easy if you keep it {Read More…}

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