Retail Opportunity – Calling All Paintriots


We Want You!

We want you!

Ever has been the call to Americans for many reasons, and once again the charge is issued.

We want you to sell an amazing, all natural paint!

We want you to build your business with a wonderful product that can offer a unique dimension to your retail location.

We want you to share in the fun that is American Paint Company!


855-386-5338 There are retail opportunities all across this great land, coast to coast.  Our retailers are known for being places that you can find that unique treasure, offering one of a kind painted vintage furniture, getting excited when talking to their customers about the possibilities of transforming their found items with a natural paint that offers that hand painted look and feel.  If this sounds like you, then American Paint Company is just the amazing product line you have been wanting and looking for!  CLICK HERE



American Paint Company

American Paint Company Products

American Paint Company offers a complete system that includes 30 beautiful colors of natural chalk, clay and mineral based paint and finishes to help you reimagine vintage furniture. Our thick, yummy paint is the perfect product for the do it yourself-er in you.  The paint is zero VOC, all natural and is complemented by our eco-friendly furniture cleaner, as well as a variety of safe finishes.


Click here

On the website, just click on the link to ‘Becoming a Retailer’ and locate the region that services your state.  Our friendly and knowledgeable distributor (FUD Wholesale) will be happy to help you discover how our paints can help grow your business.

As a retailer, you will be proud to sell the product in your store and online, teach and train your customers through classes, use the product to enhance furniture to sell and even paint items custom for hire!

We know you will love the paint when you try it!

So come and join forces with your fellow paintriots and find out about American Paint Company!

It just might be what your business needs!




  1. I love love love your paint! I have only been able to try it via a sample I was blessed to have sent with a wax order via Orphaned Decor, but fell in love immediatey.

    Wishing I had the capitol to invest! Would do it in a heartbeat!

    Bev @ Give me a paintbrush

    • mm American Paint Company says

      Thank you Bev. We would encourage you to try some more colors etc., and if you find it’s a good financial fit for your business in the future give us call.

  2. I am shocked at how quickly my product is moving out the door and how quickly my paint classes are filling up!! I have had so much fun these first few weeks being an APC retailer..thank you Bungalow 47 for all the help, patience and training….you have made this easy-peasy!!

  3. We love having this product in our shop…not only to paint with but to sell as well. This product brings in so many customers that I would not have if I did not carry this product. We are so excited about this opportunity.

  4. This is truly an amazing product. This is THE top quality paint that is also a VALUE – it is so thick and rich – you can add water to get your comfortable consistency – it goes a long way! I love painting with it and selling it. I can barely keep it on the shelf.

  5. We love being a part of American Paint Company and our customers love it too. The paint and finishes are top notch!

  6. Oh how I love this paint. After painting furniture for twenty years I can honestly say that American Paint Company paints are the best I have used. Selling and teaching this product is going to be a breeze! And, our professional painting vendors are loving it too. So happy to have made the choice to use and sell this product in our store. Thanks for having me APC!

  7. I just contacted the distributor in my area and can’t wait to hear back from her. I hope to be the newest Paintriot on the team!!! Business is booming and American Paint Company would be the perfect addition for not only my business but for all my customers! Love the packaging and play on words as well. So fun!

We Love to Hear From You


American Paint Company