4 Steps to Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint

Cheryl decided to try Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint.

As the owner of Dragonfly Consignments & Gifts in Yankton, South Dakota and Authorized Retailer for American Paint Company, she wanted to try a project that she hadn’t done before.

After she finished her first screen painting project, she received so many positive comments that she’s going to start another one!

Most people use American Paint Company products on old, loved pieces of furniture and decor. But more recently, painters have discovered Clay paint products can also be used for art too!

Screen painting is a great form of art that can be completed in 4 easy steps with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint.

Getting Set Up to Begin Screen Painting

First up, Cheryl needed to decide on a drawing. Next, she needed to choose what colors she would use for the project. She went with 6 colors from American Paint Company:

  1. Uncle Sam a true, pure white
  2. Soulful  a bright, expressive purple
  3. Starry Night  a pure, deep midnight blue
  4. Persimmon a bright, fruitful orange
  5. Kona the deepest chocolate brown ever
  6. Canadian Shield  a dynamic, forest green

4 Steps to Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint

4 Steps to Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint

STEP 1: Find an old picture frame and attach a screen to it. You can pick up screen material at any hardware store for a reasonable price if you don’t have any stashed around.

STEP 2: Lightly apply a layer of white paint. Cheryl chose Uncle Sam, a true, pure white color.  If this is your first time, the technique for painting on the screen will take a bit to get used to.  If you are unsure, then do a little experiment on a smaller project to get the hang of it.

STEP 3: After the white paint dries, go ahead and pencil on your desired design. Take your time and if you make a mistake, you can always go back and fix it prior to applying the next color of paint. If you are not an experienced artist, this is where stencils come in handy!

STEP 4: Apply a mix of shades and colors to create your art, but make sure there is ample time for colors to dry before you add another color; unless you are blending colors together.  Cheryl’s piece was created with shading & mixing colors to create the finished piece. 

4 Steps to Screen Painting with Clay, Chalk and Mineral Paint

In Cheryl’s words:

This was a new experience, having never used paint to draw a picture before. The screen took a little work to get use to. But it was a fun piece to do! I have received many great comments and will be starting a new piece soon.

It’s amazing the creative ways you can use American Paint Company’s Clay, Chalk and Mineral Base Paint! If you have created your own piece using these products, we want to hear about it.

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