Transform Your Kitchen by Giving Your Cupboards a Facelift

Spring is just around the corner, and home improvement projects are on many people’s minds.

However, kitchen makeovers are often put on the back burner, because renovating the heart of the home seems like a monumental task. But there are simple, cost-effective ways to transform your family’s kitchen without breaking the bank.
American Paint Company customer Shelly Bracko revamped her kitchen recently by painting her outdated, brown kitchen cupboards.

She used Surfboard—a fun, beachy blue colored paint–to give the room a much-needed facelift. Shelly’s finished cupboards fill us with springtime inspiration, but they’re also sure to get her through these dreary, winter months.


Below, we’ve outlined Shelley’s tips for easily transforming your kitchen by adding American Paint Company’s 100% natural paint to those old, dull cupboards.

Step 1: Prep Time

Before beginning the painting process, Shelley used our Surface Prep Cleaner to prepare her cupboards. Cleaning the surface is an important step, especially when painting kitchen cabinets, as they tend to accumulate grease and grime quickly.

American Paint Company’s Surface Prep Cleaner smells like citrus, and suds up nicely. And a little goes a long way! Just mix with water, and you’re cupboards will be paint-ready in no time.

Step 2: The Transformation

Next, Shelley applied our clay-based paint to her cabinets. Painting with American Paint Company products is a breeze, as our paints dry quickly and leave no offensive odors. Just look at the amazing difference now that Shelley has added a pop of color to her kitchen! The vibrant cupboards are unrecognizable from their previous state.
If beachy blue isn’t what you have in mind, APC offers 37 unique shades to fit every palate.

Step 3: Seal of Approval

After allowing the paint to dry, Shelley applied APC’s Hard Coat Sealer to her cabinets. Our Hard Coat Sealer is American Paint Company’s most durable sealer, and has quickly become the ‘go-to’ sealer for kitchen cupboards, as maximum durability is essential for this particular project.
Many other brands recommend wax to seal kitchen cupboards. Wax, however, is not a durable sealer, and will come off cupboards within 1-2 years. In comparison, Top Coat and Hard Coat Sealer from APC is perfect for kitchen transformations, as it’s durable and will ensure your project’s longevity.

Surprisingly, this was only the second time Shelley had worked with chalk paint. “[I love the] beautiful finish,” Shelley tells us now that her project is complete. “[It’s] very solid and chip-resistant with the Hard Coat Sealer.”

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By: Kelly Spears


  1. Hey very informative, i am also thinking to renovate my kitchen with beautiful Kitchen Cabinet.

  2. Rita Spearin says

    Can you use your paint to paint interior walls ?

  3. Doris Mazurek says

    I am interested in painting my kitchen cabinets. They are oak and are 30 years old so they have yellowed. I am terrified of doing this.
    I would like to make them look antique.

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