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Painted Furniture – A Table and Chair

I am LOVING the American Paint Company colors! I have been working on a few pieces and wanted to share two of them with you. First up, Dollar Bill with Dark Vintage Antiquing Wax. This little piece was pretty rough and this picture was taken AFTER a few clean up steps. The top was veneer and had {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #25

Another busy week with the paintriots creating heirlooms!  Look what they did this time. 1909 Junkeroo and Vintage Too painted this table layered with Dollar Bill over Freedom Road, Smoke Signal, and Navajo White. Stencil is layered with Freedom Road and Navajo White, sanded down and then finished with Clear wax and Pewter Mica. The Mill {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #23

Our paintriots have been busy this week.  Check out all the beautiful pieces that they’ve done! Junque in My Trunk painted this dresser in Dollar Bill and Home Plate with Clear Wax and Copper Mica. The Old Store painted this kids table and chair set in the APC color, Shoreline. Tanglefoot and Company decoupaged this dresser and {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #10

Welcome back to Facebook Friday. As usual, our paintriots have managed to create some amazing pieces this past week.  You might even call them ‘works of art’.   Sarah Rogers transformed her kitchen by JUST using APC Dark Wax. Clever girl. And this adorable rainbow chest and lamp from G. Willikers is totally fun. Color Me {Read More…}

Facebook Friday #7

It’s so inspiring to see all the beautiful pieces being painted with American Paint Company chalk/clay/mineral paints.  The paintriots were busy this week.  This chair was painted by Nick Nixon.  Isn’t she pretty? Bungalow 47 in Michigan was busy this week painting this cute little table. Adorable desk: Check out this sweet little plant stand {Read More…}

Painting Fabric – A Chair Transformed

When I saw this chair I knew it would be perfect to paint.  I loved the style and the round upholstered seat.  My intentions were to reupholster the seat but once I looked it over, I realized it would be more work harder than I thought. I had a fantastic desk and it needed a chair so {Read More…}

Orange Paint, Coral Paint, Red Paint – Great Color Choices from the American Paint Company

the colors ORANGE GROVE – a just plucked orange.    ORANGE GROVE – top left Topcoat Finish, top right Clear Vintage Wax, bottom left Light Vintage Wax, bottom right Dark Vintage Wax The APC paint brushes out quite nice.  My brush strokes are longer and leaner,  less paint on my surface but still covering  as I {Read More…}

Painting Metal

Wondering what American Paint Company paint can be used on? Well… it will adhere wonderfully to most surfaces. Wood, laminate, formica, glass, ceramic and even metal.   However, a good thing to keep in mind is, while APC paint will adhere to most surfaces it will not block oil or grease stains on your pieces {Read More…}

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