It’s all about the color!

Endless Color options! American Paint Company paint colors can be mixed to create an endless variety of colors, tones, shades and hues! Our colors were meant to be mixed and matched and we give you license to use your Creative Freedom!   At American Paint Company we love color, all colors! KD’s Sweet Pickens used Home Plate, {Read More…}

Mixing Custom Colors – One Artist’s Journey

I love color and am often asked how I come up with my custom colors. The ability to mix colors successfully, or keep adding or subtracting certain hues until I achieve what is in my head, did not come naturally. There is a science called color theory and it is easy if you keep it {Read More…}

Custom Color Mixing – Antique Mahogany Bed in Creamy White by Shizzle Design

I checked out a beautiful antique bedroom set over the 4th of July and was immediately drawn to the beautiful lines and details of the furniture. The entire set was very solid and well cared for ~ just needed a little TLC to give it new life. Cathy and I teamed up to get this {Read More…}

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