What’s In The Box? Series

What’s In The Box?

Challenge Your Creativity

Hello everyone! We’re so excited to be introducing a fun new blog post series – “What’s in the Box?”

Have you ever been to Claire’s or some other tween store and they have these thick plastic “surprise bags” right next to the cash register? These bags are usually filled with funky jewelry, or the perfect girl’s sleepover makeover makeup (mostly because you’d never leave the house wearing bright green eyeshadow). You rip the surprise bag open to discover that some of the items are pretty cool and you start thinking what you can pair them up with.

Well, we bring you the adult version of the “surprise bag”! Each week, someone over here at American Paint Company will receive a box with 3-4 different APC products. Often as artists, we can get into a bit of a funk. Or we tend to use the same products, the same colors, the same techniques. “What’s in the box?” is meant to challenge creativity, change the way we do things, push our boundaries, and inspire in different ways! With these 3-4 mystery products, our lucky participant will create and document their creative process. We’ll turn their creative process into a post for your inspiration!

Are you excited? We definitely are! If you’d like to join in the fun, we’ll be listing off what products were used in each project. Create something for yourself, and let us know about it. We’d love to feature your creative genius as well! In the meantime, check out some of the first few projects that have been accomplished using “What’s in the Box?” products. How to Paint a Vase and Transforming Dollar Store Pumpkins into something decor worthy.

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