Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets

Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets Mandi was a guest post writer to share her experience of using Eco Friendly Paints to Transform Your Kitchen Cabinets. This is her account of this transformation. This is Mandi  coming at you with a public service announcement about a very serious condition that is prevalent in many homes. This condition {Read More…}

Hand Painted Finishes – Using Mica and Grit

I love decorating my painted pieces beyond just paint and wax. I’m excited abt the Mica Powders offered by American Paint Company. They are available in five colors: Metallic Gold, Metallic Copper, Metallic Silver, Metallic Pewter, and Black. Mica Powders: ultrafine powders made from mica and pigment, are non-tarnishing. They can be mixed into waxes, topcoats, {Read More…}

Repairing Damaged Furniture – Making Moulding to Match

I picked up this beauty at a local Goodwill store. If you look at the top large drawer on the left you will notice a strip of the decorative trim is missing. On most makeovers, I would just leave the missing piece and paint over the area, but this trim is part of the outline {Read More…}

Building a Table – The DIY Tale

After searching high and low for the perfect work table for my garage, I gave up and decided it was time to build it myself.   My garage is packed with cool tools and saws that my dad has stocked up with for when he visits.  Well, fears of missing fingers and just plain messing up {Read More…}

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