Top 10 Chalk Painting Project Ideas

It’s time to get Re-Inspired with the top 10 chalk painting project ideas!

It’s amazing where you can find used furniture these days;

— From a friend who is moving and wants to get rid of old furniture.

— A family member who is cleaning out their garage.

—  An online buying website.

— Or from your own basement!

Old furniture projects are everywhere just waiting to be repainted. You just have to know what you’re looking for, and you’ll find it.

Not only are we about to show you 10 popular furniture painting ideas and 5 bonus ideas with you, but we’ve also shared over 30 links to our favorite projects below. So check out the ideas, and dive into the posts to discover colors used, how to steps, tips and more!

Project Idea #1: Repaint your HUTCH

Do you have an old Hutch that needs to be repainted? If so, check out some of our most popular step by step posts on repainting a Hutch:

— Glazing an old hutch – Before and After

— How to repurpose an old hutch in just 3 hours

Cannonball with Clear Wax on a Hutch

Painted Hutch – Adding Texture with Paint

Project Idea #2: Repaint your DINING ROOM TABLE

One of the most popular projects is to repaint and/or Glaze your dining room table and chairs. Read on to learn more about the process:

   — Repainting a Dining Room Set

   — How to stain an antique table with eco-friendly Glaze

   — Repainting a table, chairs and seat cushions

Project Idea #3: Repaint a BENCH

Repainting an indoor decorative bench or an outdoor garden bench is possible with Clay/Chalk/Mineral paint with our indoor or outdoor durable sealers:

   — Transforming a Bed Frame into a Bench

   — Transforming a Coffee Table into a Bench

   — Don’t let Red scare you from Chalk Painting

Project Idea #4: Repaint a DESK

Do you have an old desk that needs new life? Why not repaint it and make it new again? Here’s a couple detailed examples:

   — Painting Furniture – A Lovely, Curvy Desk

   — Repainting an old English desk

Project Idea #5: Repaint a BUFFET

A great way to add new color to your dining room is to repaint your buffet! Read on for more inspiration: 

   — How to Crackle using American Paint Company paint with Glue

   — Painted Buffets using All Natural Chalk & Clay Paint

   — Hand Painted Furniture – A Beautiful Buffet

Project Idea #6: Repaint Your TABLE

It’s amazing what a few coats of paint will do to your coffee table. Check out some of our most popular posts on tables: 

   — With American Paint Company Products Farm Tables are Farm Fresh

   — Create a Copper Penny Look

    Painted Tables using All Natural Chalk & Clay Paint

Make Over Monday – Building a Table

Project Idea #7: Repaint a CABINET

You can save thousands of dollars on a kitchen remodel by simply repainting your kitchen cupboards or cabinets. Click below for more ideas:

Transform your kitchen by giving your cupboards a facelift

Chalk painting kitchen cupboards; Before and After

Chalk painting kitchen cabinets in Smoke Signal and Crushed Tea

Look what happens when you add black glaze to painted furniture

Project Idea #8: Repaint Your Vanity

Have fun painting your Vanity by adding Metallix Paint or Mica Powders. Find out how below:

   — Repainting a Vanity for Wedding Pictures

   — Mica Magic – using APC Mica Powder

Project Idea #9: Repaint Your End Table

Here are some great ideas for painting your end table:

   — Vintage Antiquing Wax on a Side Table

   — What to do when you find 2 end tables for $20

   — Painted Tables using All Natural Chalk & Clay Paint

Project Idea #10: Repaint Your Dresser

An all time classic chalk painting project is to repaint your dresser. These are easy to pick up for cheap and transform:

   — Transform Old Furniture with Natural Paint and Glaze

   — Eco Friendly Navy Blue paint makes furniture look grand

   — American Paint Company’s Dollar Bill with Clear Wax

Bonus Project Ideas:

Repaint Your CHAIRS

Rocking chairs, dining room table chairs, cushions, leather and more!

Repaint your FIREPLACE!

Repaint the brick or tile around your fireplace.

Repaint your FRONT DOOR!

Using American Paint Company’s outdoor sealer ‘Hard Coat’.


Repaint your PIANO!

Have any project ideas lined up? Be sure and tell us what they are in the comments below.


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